2003-2004 Preview

2003-2004 Season Preview

An Interview with Head Coach Tony Marcopulos


Q: How do you feel about how the 2002-2003 season went?

MARCOPULOS: "Good and bad. Good because I feel that, in many ways, the program made a huge step forward. The most obvious indication of that being the way that we finished the season, playing for a chance to go to the final eight in San Diego. Bad because we missed out on the opportunity to advance further. You just never know when you might get the chance again. I felt very badly for the sophomores of that team. They worked so hard and wanted to be successful."

Q: How will this year’s team build on last season’s strong finish?

MARCOPULOS: "The way we finished last season proves that the goals that we have established here are very much attainable. Not only can we compete with the best teams in the state, but we can also beat the best in the state when the stakes are highest. This year’s group will have to be held to that standard as well."

Q: What can fans expect from the returning players this season?

MARCOPULOS: "First of all, they are all better players now. They are stronger and have improved and added to their skill level. They all have worked very hard since the conclusion of last year and that is very evident. Vince Inglima, Brandon Schuyler, and Dylan Marvin have all done great job."

Q: What can fans expect from the new players this season?

MARCOPULOS: "I’m excited about our new guys. We will be deeper than we have in the past and maybe more athletic than in the past. It will take awhile for them to adjust to the system of basketball we play and to college life in general. After all those adjustments I think we all will be pleasantly surprised with the freshmen."

Q: What should Cabrillo fans look forward to this coming season?

MARCOPULOS: "Hopefully a continued effort to improve on what we did last year in all areas. Academically, we had a team GPA of 3.1 and I insist that it stay in that area. Athletically, we want to compete for the conference title and play for the state championship. All of our efforts are with those goals in mind."

Q: What has happened since last season to improve Cabrillo Basketball?

MARCOPULOS: "The addition of Matt Swagerty as Assistant Coach is a significant step. Also, getting Derek Olson back involved with the program as Director of Basketball Operations as been a huge improvement."




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