Pre-Season Interview with Coach Marcopulos 2008-2009

Q: Coach Marcopulos you are in a unique position this year after losing your top seven players to graduation. What can we expect from the two-time defending Coast Conference South Champions in 08-09?

Coach Marcopulos: Good question. I realize this answer doesn't make for a good intereview, but, I don't know what to expect. We have 11 freshman on the roster. The 3 returners played a lot for us last year and I am anticipating they will this year as well. It will be interesting to see how quickly this group grows as a team and begins to understand how we would like them to play. I'm looking forward to the challenge and I know our players are as well.

Q: Does the past two years of success put any pressure on this team?

Coach Marcopulos: Yes and no. To the extent that our players are aware of what has been accomplished. Beyond that and possibly having it put pressure on us.....I don't think so. I believe and tell our team that we are not defending anything. You defend something when it can be taken from you. No one can take these championships from those teams. Each team must have an individual identity. Each performed and produced a particular result. This team will do the same. What the result will be, time will tell with this group.

Q: Conventional wisdom would say you will take a step back after losing such an experienced team. Will that be the case?

Coach Marcopulos: I understand conventional wisdom. We don't agree and we are eager to be unconventional.

Q: What does the rest of the Conference look like? Who are the teams to beat?

Coach Marcopulos: A difficult question to answer. However, most of the teams in the conference are like us and will be on the young and/or inexperienced side. West Valley has hired a new coach and I expect will play a little differently than in the past few years. I expect San Jose City to be better. Hartnell will have a whole new team. DeAnza loses their better players and will have a new look. Gavilan loses their best players and will be different. MPC might have the most returners from last year, but not many. It will be interesting to see how we will stack up with the rest of the conference. We are looking forward to January and February.

Q: Are you concerned with the lack of experience? Will you depend more on the three sophomores on the roster for leadership?

Coach Marcopulos: I am concerned about a great many things. That of course being one of the many. Travess Armenta, Kevin Konopelski and Steven Williams have a lot of experience and understand what and how we do things in this program. I would expect that they will take control of the group early and set the pace/tempo for how we work and the attitudes that we attach ourselves to. They have had very good examples demonsrtated by last years group. I think they will do an outstanding job and lead us in a positive direction. I have a lot of confidence in those three.    

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