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Cabrillo College Basketball...

Pat Fuscaldo
Head Basketball Coach Sonoma State University
"Coach Marcopulos is an outstanding teacher, coach and leader. He runs one of the best junior college programs in the State, maybe the country. I've known Tony for twenty years and I've met very few people with the communication skills that he possesses. His involvement and compassion with his players on and off the floor is a prime example of the kind of mentor that he is. Coach T sent us one of the finest players we've every had, and our first All-American."
Brad Barbarick
Head Basketball Coach Concordia University Portland, Oregon
"Tony Marcopulos is one of the finest college basketball coaches I have ever observed. I have been fortunate the last couple of years to recruit some Cabrillo players and have been able to see first-hand the excellence that Coach Marcopulos runs his program with. We are extremely happy with the three players (Tyler Velasquez, Thomas Pierce and Justyn Searle) that we recruited and signed to play for us. They are winners in every aspect and truly received a great foundation under Coach Marcopulos at Cabrillo College. "

Stan Morrison
Former Athletic Director

UC Riverside (retired)

"The manner in which Coach Marcopulos has improved the program year after year at Cabrillo College does not surprise anyone who has ever known him as a coach and man.  He has a plan and is willing to pay a great physical and emotional investment to see the plan through to a championship conclusion.  I would have wanted my son to play for Tony Marcopulos.  I cannot pay him a higher tribute." 

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Bob Thomason

Recently retired 25 year
Head Basketball Coach

University of the Pacific

"Tony (Marcopulos) was a great asset to the University of the Pacific during his 11 years as my assistant (coach).  He truly understands the game of basketball, but more importantly he understands the players.  Tony is a great communicator which has helped him get the most out of each and every player.   Tony is also a tremendous worker.  He puts 100% into everything he does.  Whether it is changing a flat tire in the rain or putting together a game plan to beat Georgetown, he is always working hard.  Most importantly, Tony is a great person.  He cares deeply about all his student-athletes and wants to see them succeed in basketball and in life.


Seth Greenberg

ESPN College Basketball Analyst


"Tony Marcopulos is the total package. He can teach, develop players, and is committed to their fulfilling their academic potential. He has the unique advantage of having what it takes to help his players play at the next level and has the expertise to help them achieve their goals."

Jamie Dixon
Head Basketball Coach

Texas Christian University

“Tony (Marcopulos) has been around a successful team his entire career.  He has taken programs to heights never before reached.  Having known Tony since he started at Pacific, I look for the rise at Cabrillo College to continue.”

Randy Bennett
Head Basketball Coach

Saint Mary's College

"Tony Marcopulos is a tireless worker.  His work ethic and persistence as a Head Assistant in Division I have translated well as Head Coach.  He is a rare commodity in this day and age, and I am excited to witness the progress of his committment at Cabrillo College."

Stew Morrill

Recently Retired Head Basketball Coach

Utah State University

"I have known Tony Marcopulos for a long time and I have watched him grow as a person and a coach.  He has always impressed me with the way he teaches his philosophy of the game of basketball.  His players have always demonstrated a great deal of discipline on the court and in the classroom."
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