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Chem 10: Concepts in Chemistry


Chemistry 10 is a one-semester introductory chemistry course. It is intended as a general survey of Chemistry with a minimum of calculations. The incredible nature of virtually everything will be explored from an atomic view point. Laboratory exercises will focus on real world applications. If the class is a success, the student will see the material world in a new way. Phobias about the sciences will be lessened and scientific literacy enhanced. The greatest advantage of this particular course is that all of chemistry is touched upon, including the organic chemistry. This information assists the general consumer in demystifying contents of common products including cosmetics, nutrititional supplements, household cleansers, etc.

This course fulfills the general education requirement of a physical science with a lab. The course consists of 6 hours per week, divided between lecture and lab. You must attend all lectures and labs to do well. We will cover a broad range of abstract and applied topics. You WILL have to do homework, take tests and do a final project!

You'll learn about chemical symbols so that you can read "NaCl" and say "sodium chloride." You'll learn about the gas laws, and you'll learn about the nucleus and the electrons. You'll learn about solutions, and a lot more.

INSTRUCTORS for Spring semester, 2011

Chem 10 is not being offered this semester. Watch for it in the future.

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