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Chem 2: Introductory Inorganic


Chemistry 2 is a one-semester introductory chemistry course. Its prerequisite is Math 152, Intermediate Algebra. Students take Chemistry 2 in order to prepare themselves for Chemistry 1A.

This course parallels a one-year high school course. Obviously it goes twice as fast. It has 3 hours of lecture each week, and one 3-hour laboratory period each week. You WILL have to do homework!

If you didn't take high school chemistry, or if you took it long ago, or if you don't feel confident about how well you did, and you now find that you need to pass Chemistry 1A, then Chemistry 2 is the course for you. We'll do our best to get you up to speed so that you can succeed in Chemistry 1A.

You'll learn about chemical symbols so that you can read "KCl" and say "potassium chloride." You'll learn about the gas laws, and you'll learn about the nucleus and the electrons. You'll learn about solutions, and a lot more.

We offer this course every semester, both in the daytime and at night, and we offer it every summer. We've even started offering it at Watsonville. Hundreds of students pass it each year and you can, too.

INSTRUCTORS for Spring semester, 2011

Satoru Suzuki
Michael McCarthy (Night)

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