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Chem 30B: Introductory Organic Biochemistry for Health Occupations


Organic chemistry is the study of the compounds which are based on the element carbon, and these compounds are called "organic compounds." There are about 10 million known organic compounds, compared with about a million compounds which do not contain carbon (inorganic compounds). Organic compounds are particularly important because they include those substances out of which living organisms are built: proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, lipids, vitamins, etc. Biochemistry is the study of these compounds and of their chemical roles and functions in the processes of living organisms.

At least some knowledge of organic and biological chemistry is required of all students planning to enter a health care profession. Chem 30B is designed for students heading for a B.S. in Nursing. It is a requirement for all students entering the Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program. Chem 30B may also serve as preparation for some nutrition and physical therapy degree programs, but students should check with the Transfer Center for further information.

Chemistry 30B is usually offered in Fall, Spring and Summer semestersl.


Chemistry 30A, or Chemistry 2 with a grade of C or better.

INSTRUCTOR for Spring semester, 2011

Josh Blaustein
Sarah Gerhardt (Night)

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