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Chem 5: Quantitative Analysis


Chemistry 5 is a sophomore class in Quantitative Analysis. The prerequisite is Chemistry 1B. It has two hours of lecture and 6 hours of laboratory each week.

"Here is a small vial of white, water-soluble powder. What percentage of the powder is chlorine?" To solve this laboratory problem, you will dry and weigh samples of the powder, dissolve the samples in water, add silver nitrate solution to precipitate the chlorine as silver chloride, and then filter, wash, dry and weigh the precipitates. From the weights of precipitates and samples, and the atomic weights of silver and chlorine, you calculate the desired percentage. You do it three times in order to form a statistical picture from which you can state the result with a known level of confidence. This first laboratory experiment is an example of the kind of knowledge and skill you acquire in this course. When you finish it you will have a new appreciation of significant figures and reproducibility, you will have been introduced to many new and useful methods for making chemical determinations, and you will be able to make chemical equilibrium calculations much better than you could before.

Precision and stoichiometric relationships will cease to be concepts dealt with by rote rules as you did as a freshman; as a second-year chemistry student you will develop an intuitive understanding of these measurement and computational concepts that goes far beyond what you could accomplish as a first-year student.

This course will enhance your resume greatly if you seek employment in a job involving laboratory chemistry in any way. Our own Laboratory Instructional Assistant, for example, could not function without the type of knowledge and skills learned in Chemistry 5.

INSTRUCTORS for Spring semester, 2011

Dale Scoggin

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