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What to Expect from Each Course

CHEM 1A General Chemistry 
General Chemical principles including structure of matter, chemical bonding, gases, solutions, acids and bases, and chemical equilibrium. 5 units.

CHEM 1B General Chemistry
General chemical principles to include a review of equilibrium, acid/base chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical thermodynamics, structure, nomenclature and properties of coordination compounds, nuclear chemistry, introduction to organic chemistry. 5 units.

CHEM 2 Introductory Inorganic 
An elementary course covering fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry. Designed for students who want to prepare for more advanced courses such as Chemistry 1A. 4 units.

CHEM 5 Quantitative Analysis 
Quantitative chemical determinations using gravimetric, volumetric, and instrumental methods. Equilibrium calculations and titration curves. For chemists, laboratory technicians, and people in professional health occupations. 4 units.

CHEM 10 Concepts of Chemistry
Intended for nonscience majors. A brief introduction to atoms, molecules, reactions, energy and other major chemical concepts. Includes applications of chemistry to areas of contemporary life - food, water, drugs, toxic wastes, nuclear power and weapons; modern chemical industry and its impact on ourenvironment. 4 units.

CHEM 12 Organic Chemistry I & II and Associated Laboratory Courses 
The one year organic chemistry sequence designed for chemistry majors and the preprofessional medical and biology majors. Includes stereochemistry, mechanisms, reactions, and spectroscopic studies of all basic classes of organic compounds. The laboratory (which is required) includes synthesis, isolation, characterization, GC and IR analysis. Offered sequentially fall and spring semesters. Chemistry 12A: 3 units; Chemistry 12AL: 2 units; Chemistry 12B: 3 units; Chemistry 12BL: 2 units.

CHEM 30A Inorganic Chemistry for Health Occupations
An introductory course covering basic topics including atomic structure, acids, bases, salts, buffers, electrolyte systems and nuclear chemistry. Applicable to physiology and paramedical fields. 4 units.

CHEM 30B Introductory Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry for Health Occupations 
A survey of the major classes of organic and biochemical compounds as they relate to the chemistry of life processes. Designed for students preparing the for the Dental Hygiene program or a four-year nursing degree. 4 units.

CHEM 32 Chemistry for the Allied Health Major  
A one semester survey of general and organic chemistry as preparation for careers in the allied health sciences. It is not appropriate for premed, dental or veterinary students nor is it intended for allied health students requiring two semesters of chemistry. 5 Units.

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