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According to the National Industry Occupation Employment Matrix, published by the United States Department of Labor Statistics, demand for system administrators, network design and support technicians, and computer support specialists are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations over the 2000 - 2010 period.

Networks are no longer a luxury within a company, but are required to do business.  The need for secure, 24x7, high-speed networks delivering quality of service and mission critical applications and information is essential for today's businesses.  Emerging technologies such as Voice-over-IP, video-conferencing, video-on-demand delivery systems, wireless networking, and network security are also require networking professionals who can design and implement these technologies into existing networks.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the industry the same as the IT/networking industry?  IT/Networking is not the industry.  Computer networks and IT (Information Technology) support professionals are needed in any organization that uses computers in a networked environment.  Companies are relying on computers, technology and networks more than ever in their business.

  • If I just take a few classes will that prepare me for a job in this field?  Unless a student already has experience working in IT, the answer is no.  IT and computer networking/system administration requires qualified individuals with an in-depth understanding of the technologies.  This usually requires courses from a variety of areas including networking theory and concepts, network infrastructure, system administration, Linux/Unix, Microsoft operating systems and more. 

  • Who is this program and these courses for?  Our program and courses are designed for a range of experience levels, from people who are brand new to the IT/networking field, to people who have been working in the industry for years and need to further their knowledge of IT/networking.

  • Do I need a 4-year degree from a university?  A BS/BA degree will definitely help in getting a job, especially if that degree is in computer technology.  Cabrillo College is currently working with California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) on a transfer degree program between the two schools.  (See A.A. Degree for more information.)  However, many people have gotten jobs and continue to get jobs in IT without a 4-year degree, depending upon the position.  Other skills and experience will certainly be a factor in a persons ability to get a job including a person's interpersonal skills, communication skills, resume writing, interviewing skills, and their interest and enthusiasm in computer technology.

  • Where are the jobs?  Although there are jobs in Santa Cruz county and many of our graduates are now working locally, students should also be looking in Santa Clara county (Silicon Valley) and Monterey county.  We are fortunate to be located 30-45 minutes from large metropolitan city with a variety of companies that depend on IT and networking for their businesses.

  • Are technology companies the only potential employers?  No, they are one of several types of companies that use IT professionals. Any company that relies on computers and networks will need IT and computer networking professionals.  This includes hospitals, colleges/universities, government offices, and various other types of companies and corporations. 

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