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Background Information

CSUMB (California State University Monterey Bay) situated between the Salinas Valley and Monterey Bay, CSUMB’s 1,365-acre campus brings together promising students and accomplished faculty in the heart of a premiere California location. Guided by a powerful Vision Statement, CSUMB has educated and served the diverse population of California and its immediate Tri-County region since being established in 1994 on part of the former Fort Ord Army base. The university particularly emphasizes access to quality higher education for traditionally underserved and low-income populations.

CSUMB's college of Science, Media Arts, and Technology (SMART) mission is to empower the CSUMB learning community by providing:

  • A broad-based, integrated approach to the study of science, technology, and applied mathematics

  • The application of technology in the study of digital design and teledramatics

  • A framework for making informed and ethical choices in the information age

The school of Information Technology and Communications Design (ITCD) prepares students for the "cyberworld" of the 21st century which requires individuals who have a unique blend of creativity and the technical understanding of computers and networks.  ITCD provides students with the knowledge and skills to participate in the ethical development and use of new technologies.

Degree Information

TMAC - Telecommunications, Multimedia, and Applied Computing

Currently CSUMB's school of ITCD offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications, Multimedia, and Applied Computing.  This degree provides a broad-based understanding of current technologies and applications. Students combine this technological knowledge with design, communication, and management skills in the development of customized university experiences pertinent to their career interests and ambitions and to the needs of a global, multicultural society. BS TMAC program produces graduates that cross boundaries as individual contributors and who are uniquely qualified for collaborative projects in high-tech industries.

CSIT - Computer Science and Information Technology (pending)

CSUMB is in the process of establishing a new degree, Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT). The CSIT Major is an undergraduate program with emphasis on human/user side of the computing and networking, including user interface design, project management, graphic/image programming, cyber-security and business applications. The program integrates strong fundamental computing concepts with latest strong real-world problem solving skills. Technology impacts on social, ethical, global issues, as well as collaboration and communication skills will be infused to the learning experience in program.

This purpose of the CSIT degree is for the student to a acquire a strong grounding in a core field of interst, and have the opportunity to purse a number of current interests,  The structure for accommodating both requriements can be visualized as a common layer of basic essential requirements, upon which the student buuilds a more specialized body of knowledge.  The student will be able to concentrate in one of three areas:

  • Computer Networks and Security

  • Software Engineering

  • Information Systems 

This degree is pending approval, with the expectation of beginning in the fall of 2005. 

Cabrillo CS/CIS Courses which transfer to the TMAC Major

Cabrillo Course CSUMB Course 
CIS 81  Networking Fundamentals and Theory (CCNA 1)  CST 281  Introduction to Communication Networks (CCNA 1)
CIS 82  Introduction to Routing Technologies and Theory (CCNA 2)  CST 282  LAN Routing (CCNA 2)
CIS 83  Intermediate Routing and Switching, Technologies and Theory (CCNA 3 & 4)  CST 284  LAN and WAN Internetworking (CCNA 3 & 4)
CIS 90 Introduction to UNIX/Linux CST 234  Introduction to Operating Systems
CIS 172 Introduction to Operating Systems
CS 24 Elementary Computer Organization CST 237  Introduction to Computer Architecture
CS 21 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms  CST 238  Introduction to Data Structures
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