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Contact Information

Internship & Work Experience Instructor: Matthew Weis
Phone: 831.477.5650
Email: Message Me
Student Assistant: Veronica Pantoja
Phone: 831.477.3396
Location: Cabrillo College - SAC West Building, 1st Floor
6500 Soquel Ave
Aptos, CA 95003


Overview of the Process

Students interested in receiving advising when preparing, searching, and applying for a position can review the information below and schedule to meet with the IWE Instructor to get started. Meetings are by appointment only. Please email or call the IWE office to get started (see contact info on the left).

Students who already have an internship, job, or volunteer position can enroll for credit during the first 12 weeks of Fall and Spring semester, and the first 6 weeks of Summer session.

Carefully review the information on this page. Below are the steps a student needs to prepare, enroll, and complete a work experience course.

  1. Obtain a paid or a volunteer job.

  2. Determine Unit Value of course you wish to take. The number of units for a course depends on hours worked or volunteered.

    Credit is based on recorded work hours, as follows:

    Paid work (75 hours/unit) Volunteer Work (60 hours/unit)
    75 hours = 1 unit
    150 hours = 2 units
    225 hours = 3 units
    300 hours = 4 units
    60 hours = 1 unit
    120 hours = 2 units
    180 hours = 3 units
    240 hours = 4 units
  3. Attend an Orientation Session to meet with IWE Instructor.
  4. Enroll for course via WebAdvisor - your instructor will provide you with necessary Late Add information.
  5. Complete and submit: employer contact information, job description, and learning objectives worksheet (see Resources page).
  6. Meet individually with instructor to finalize your Learning Objectives.
  7. Go to work as scheduled and perform duties as assigned focusing on established learning objectives.
  8. At end of semester submit all required paperwork and final project to Work Experience Instructor.

Finding Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

Students are required to have a job, internship, or volunteer position to enroll for credit. The IWE office provides individual advising for students interested in finding a position.

Before applying, it is important to have a plan and think ahead. This includes thinking about what kind of workload you can realistically manage and updating your professional portfolio (resume and cover letter, online professional profile, examples of your work, and professional references). Students interested in advising, such as preparing, searching, and applying for positions, can review the information below and then schedule to meet directly with the IWE Instructor to get started. Meetings are by appointment only. Please email or call the IWE office to get started.

After establishing a plan and professional portfolio, the next step is to search and apply. Many tools are available online to search and apply for employment. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment to see what works best for them.

Below are some online resources supported by Cabrillo that are user-friendly and designed to be used independently by the student. Contact IWE office if you would like support getting started – we are here to assist. Here are some tools we use and support at Cabrillo: - Create a profile, upload multiple resumes, search and apply for internships across Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties.
Cabrillo Job board - Available to students and alumni, search and apply for employment opportunities with employers who want to hire Cabrillo students. - Search and apply for jobs in Santa Cruz County. - Search and apply for jobs in Santa Cruz County. - Get started building your professional profile, building your professional network, and searching for employment. - One of many employment searching tools with global reach and is well-used by employers and job searchers.

Orientation Schedule and Enrolling

All students are required to attend an orientation with the IWE Instructor. Students will be briefed on all of the requirements for course completion, receive course materials, and outline a timeline for completion. Orientations are approximately 45 minutes long. Students will enroll via WebAdvisor at the end of the orientation.

The first three weeks of Fall and Spring semester extended orientation and advising drop-in scheduled on the Aptos and Watsonville Campus. Dates, times, and locations are available below. Orientations start at top of each hour.

Spring 2020 Orientation Schedule

Aptos Campus - Room 1047
(Library first floor)

Monday 1/27 12:00pm-3:00pm
Tuesday 1/28 10:00am-1:00pm
Thursday 1/30 2:00pm-5:00pm
Monday 2/3 11:00am-2:00pm
Tuesday 2/4 10:00am-1:00pm
Monday 2/10 12:00pm-2:00pm
Tuesday 2/11 10:00am-12:00pm
Thursday 2/13 10:00am-12:00pm

Watsonville Campus

Wednesday 1/29 11:00am-1:00pm (Room C105)
Thursday 2/6 1:00pm-3:00pm (Room A330)

Students unable to attend drop-in hours can contact the IWE office by phone or email to schedule an orientation or advising session by appointment. Students will enroll for the appropriate section and unit value of the work experience course during the orientation.

Learning Objectives

With the guidance of their work supervisor and instructor, students can establish individualized Learning Objectives. Students fulfill these during the semester at the work site. Learning Objectives identify what and how a student will learn on the job during the semester. They focus on applying skills developed in the classroom in a professional setting.

By developing and achieving Learning Objectives, students are able to demonstrate the ability to learn, grow, and increase their value as an employee. Students enrolled in 1-2 units are required at least one learning objective, Students enrolled in 3-4 units are required at least two learning objectives. Meaningful and challenging learning objectives will assist the student in:

  • Taking ideas or concepts learned in the classroom and applying them to the workplace. For example, this may mean taking principles of good customer service and applying them at work by changing specific behaviors towards customers.
  • Demonstrating skills learned in the classroom, like creating a spreadsheet or leading a group counseling session in a professional manner with appropriate conduct and vocabulary.
  • Examining work by thinking critically about how to accomplish certain tasks, how to do them differently, and whether the way the student completes the tasks results in the outcomes they desire.
  • Working independently in completing complex assignments that require planning, organizing, and implementing new tasks, skills, or behaviors.

Grades and Completion

Internships and work experience course is a Pass / No Pass section. Students must complete all of the requirements in order to to receive a passing grade, including:

  1. Orientation
  2. Learning objectives
    1. Complete learning objectives worksheet with supervisor
    2. Meet with Instructor to finalize and approve learning objectives
  3. Participate in required instructor check-in meeting
  4. Complete and submit all required documents and assignments
    1. Upon Enrolling: Student/Employer Contact Form, Job Description, Learning Objectives Worksheet and Agreement
    2. Upon course completion: Time Card, Student Evaluation, Employer Evaluation, Assignment Tracking Sheet
  5. Complete Final Project
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