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Dental Hygiene Application Process and Information

Applying to an professional career program can be complex and confusing. We have provided an ordered list of links below that should assist an interested potential applicant successfully navigate the steps of the pre-application process.




Beginning July 1, 2014, the Cabrillo DH Program has an Application/Selection Process that allows students to submit an application all year long, once all prerequisites have been completed. For those details see one of the links provided above.

Applications will be processed two times per year and all applicants notified in writing by email and/or USPS of their status based on the schedule below. (Subject to change without notification)

Applications Postmarked Status Letters
July 1 to December 31 February
January 2 to June 30 October


Let's begin by reading the following informative websites.

If you think you are ready to apply, there are still preparetory documents you need to gather before you can mail in that application. Please read the following links available on the Allied Health (ALH) Programs page.

  • Allied Health (ALH) Frequently Asked Questions (for all ALH Programs)
  • Allied Health (ALH) Application Instructions (for all ALH Programs)

After completing the DH Program pre-application process, you are now ready to apply. You will find the current DH Instructions and Application on the

Note: Be sure you are completing the most updated application available online.

Steps to Apply - An Outline

Refer to the How to Apply website and Application Instructions for details

1. Complete DH prerequisite courses

2. Apply for Admissions to Cabrillo College

3. Obtain a Cabrillo College Student Identification Number

4. Obtain transcripts

5. Complete DH Application

6. Mail by Certified Mail and Return Receipt



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