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Contact Information

Phone: 831-479-6431
Fax: 831-477-5687
Email Xrays Only: cabrillodental
Hours of Operation:

Spring Semester: Monday - Thursday


Friday - CLOSED

Student working on patient

Directions and Parking

Parking Instructions

A dental hygiene parking permit is required to park in the assigned Dental Hygiene Patient parking spaces in Parking Lot P. This free permit is issued at each appointment and is only valid for one day. Each appointment requires a new parking permit.

The permit is also valid in any Student lot space if there are not any dental hygiene spaces available. Patients with a handicap placard may park in any parking space.

Patients may not park in Stroke Center or Staff parking spaces.

Cars parked in any space on campus without a permit are ticketed by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department.

Altered date stamps are not valid.


6500 Soquel Dr, HW2101
Aptos, CA 95003


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