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Wait List Statement and Wait Time




Cabrillo College Dental Hygiene Program (DH) has an Application/Selection Process that allows students to submit an application all year long, once all prerequisites have been completed.

We rigorously control the wait list based exclusively on your application postmark date. Students who maintain their wait list status are guaranteed placement into the program. All applicants will receive written notification of application status and acceptance into our program and will be added to our wait list, in order, based on the certified mail postmark date of their completed application packet.

Status letters indicate several very important points.

  • The Application Status: If the application is Qualified or Denied
  • If the application is Denied, letters will detail the reason(s) for denial
  • If the application is Qualified, letters will welcome applicants to the wait list, state Wait List number and other important information applicants need while waiting on the wait list

The DH Program Office is unable to verify or confirm wait list numbers over the phone, by email or in person. Be sure to keep any and all documents and correspondence from DH Program in a safe place for future reference. The Wait list numbers are updated annually (one time per year) in November.

Currently, the DH Program invites approximately 60 qualified applicants to the DH Program Clinical Compliance and Orientation Meetings in February and March of each year. These mandatory meetings lay the groundwork for students to enter the summer courses. The DH Program annual (one time a year) accepts 22-24 students, from the group who attended the above meetings, each May in preparation for a summer start.



While the DH Program can guarantee placement into the program, we cannot guarantee when students will begin the program, given the variables of the wait list. We currently estimate a wait of 1 to 2 years from the postmark date of application.

Due to normal life events (moves, jobs, pregnancy, changes in priorities) not all of those on our wait list will actually start our program. This is one of the most difficult variables of the wait list to predict. Your wait could be less than this, or more than this, given the many variables involved.





The length of the wait list can fluctuate greatly and should not deter committed students from pursuing their goals. Please check the Cabrillo Dental Hygiene Program web page regularly for information about how to use your time on the wait list productively. We post valuable information about professional certificates, educational opportunities, financial aid, program requirements and other information pertinent to students pursuing a career in health care. There are many productive things to do while on the wait list. One of the most important things to do while waiting is to finish the required general education classes to graduate and to prepare yourself financially.

The opportunities described below will help you develop additional skills that you will use as a Dental Hygiene student and in a career in health care. It is recommended that you call Cabrillo Central Counseling for an over the phone or in person appointment at 831-479-6274.

  1. Complete your general education requirements! Make an appointment with a Cabrillo counselor to discuss general education requirements
  2. Get dental office experience
  3. Check the many classes available at Cabrillo that are valuable for dental hygiene bound students.




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