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Digital Media

Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts Division

Division Dean: John Graulty
Division Office: Room VAPA 1007
Program Chair: Francine Van Meter, 831.479.6191
Aptos Counselor: 831.479.6274 for appointment
Watsonville Counselor: 831.477.5134
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Digital Media Department


» Effective 2014–15, Cabrillo has an articulation agreement with California State University, Monterey Bay for Communication Design, BS degree

See a counselor for more details. Course credits earned at Cabrillo can be applied when transferred to CSUMB.


Programs in the Digital Media Department provide instruction in the creation, preparation, and production of media for publication in print and on screen. Classroom instruction and lab assignments give students practical experience in various graphic design, digital publishing, interactive multimedia, motion media, and web media software applications and techniques. Students learn concepts, principles, and processes for digital media project design and development.

A.S. Degrees and Certificates of Achievement are offered in the Digital Publishing and Web Media programs. A diverse selection of approved electives allows students to acquire specialized skills in particular areas of interest, such as: photography, CAD, graphic design, illustration, virtual reality, 3D animation, architectural modeling, color theory, engineering graphics, printing techniques, advertising, journalism, music, web design, and web publishing.


Digital Publishing and Web Media
Occupational Programs

The Digital Publishing and Web Media programs offer courses in the technology and skills needed for entry-level employment, transfer to upper division programs, and preparation for advanced specialized courses in the fields of digital publishing for printed media and web media production for interactive screen-based media. Students are trained to use computer applications for fields involving: graphic arts, publishing, news media, entertainment, education, commercial media, and advertising. The programs’ courses are designed to prepare students for these changing digital publishing professions and related technologies. Students will gain hands-on training by creating and producing independent and team projects for print and screen-based media.

Digital Publishing Program

The Digital Publishing program addresses communication design principles and processes for producing and publishing primarily printed materials. Students learn typography, formatting, file management, color pre-press, and proofing strategies for the design and layout of printed media. Principles of design and layout learned in digital publishing for pre-press can be applied to screen media, web publishing, multimedia, video and other non-print uses.

Web Media Program

The Web Media program provides instruction in the principles, concepts, tools, and techniques involved in the design, development, production, and publication of interactive web media. The courses are designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the fields of planning, designing, and producing web sites and related interactive screen-based media.

Degrees and Certificates

Completion of the programs gives students the fundamental range of skills needed to work in the multifaceted fields of digital publishing and web media design and production. Cabrillo offers a Certificate of Achievement and an Associate in Science Degree for both Digital Publishing and Web Media. Students may obtain an A.S. Degree in Digital Publishing or Web Media (by meeting the requirements of either area of concentration). It is not possible to obtain separate A.S. Degrees in both Digital Publishing and Web Media. Separate Certificates of Achievement may be obtained in both areas of concentration.

Skills Certificates provide basic sets of career improvement skills. Students may earn as many skills certificates as they need to reach their learning goals.


Career Opportunities

The digital publishing and web media fields encompass a wide array of occupations involving almost every sector of society. Jobs and careers are always emerging in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital media. Students from the programs qualify for entry-level jobs, internships, and starting their own businesses.

Programming, drawing ability, writing proficiency, and animation skills are especially useful. Employers have specified three important qualities, in order of importance, for digital media job seekers: 1) Talent (inventive and creative with a strong interest in digital media), 2) Teamwork (group communication and problem-solving skills), and 3) Technological aptitude (proficient with digital tools and techniques).

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