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About the Designers

rebecca swift: Project Manager, Graphic Design, Graphic Production, Photographer, Additional Programming

cliff betita: Art Director, Graphic Design, Graphic Production, Photographer, Additional Programming

kevin plaskett: Lead Programmer, User Interface Designer, Graphic Production, Secretary, Information Architect

lindsey freeman: Content Procurement, User Testing Research

michael swift: Project Planner, Team Identity Development, Graphic Design, Legal Advisor

john govsky: Faculty Advisor, Usability Consultant, Technical Liaison

beth regardz: Art and Design Consultant, Content Provider,
Department Founder

A student team was utilized for the redesign and construction of the Cabrillo College Digital Media web site. The team started the project by creating a professional identity that was used as a platform for the venture. Under the Team 158 identity, a real life working structure was created. The responsibilities were divided among a project manager, designers, programmers, as well as researchers and consultants. All contracts, scheduling, and guidelines involved in the project were done as a real life scenario under this team identity.

The team was required to adhere to a format that allowed for maximum usability by as many individuals as possible in the client base. This format included the use of XHTML 1.0 Strict and is required to validate according to the guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium. Furthermore, the team was required to research and implement the government’s Section 508 standard which provides for the most accommodating access to the site for people with limited abilities. These criteria were supported by using a layout exclusively developed using cascading style sheets (CSS). This allows for the adjustment of site elements, such as font size, by individual users as defined by their taste or needs. It also allows for the reading of all site elements and content by text-based browsers and an alternative style specially designed for printed pages.

All team meetings were recorded, and online correspondence kept team members accountable.

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