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FLEX Week Norming Information & Portfolio Packets

  • We norm as a department once a semester to align our interpretation and application of the English 100 portfolio rubric to student portfolios. Please read the two sample portfolios uploaded to this website and score them according to the rubric.

  • We will meet to discuss our scores and norm as a department immediately following the Flex Week English Department meeting. Please bring your raw scores to the meeting along with any notes that will guide your participation in the discussion.

  • Download and print the following pdf files:

    English 100 Rubric

    100 Portfolio 1

    100 Portfolio 2

English 100 Portfolio Guidelines

  • Every English 100 class at Cabrillo College includes a portfolio as part of the course.

  • The English 100 portfolio must contain a combination of at least three pieces of writing; at least one must include textual analysis. Two essays must be revised and completed outside of class, while one essay is written as an in-class timed writing.

  • At least one of the out-of-class essays should be a form of analytical writing, such as comparison/contrast, definition, cause/effect analysis, process analysis, argument, position paper, persuasive writing, research paper, or close reading or interpretation of a text, among many other forms of analytical writing.

  • Assignment by the instructor of a cover letter is optional.

  • The in-class, or timed writing(s), will be determined by each instructor in response to readings and other questions; sample reading selections and question prompts are available as a resource and as models for teachers. (See below)

  • Complete portfolio policy and procedures

  • English 100 Portfolio Rubric

  • Information Packet for Students


English 100 Portfolio In-Class Essay

  • Every English 100 course needs to include one essay written as an in-class timed writing. There are a few options available. Please read on.
    • Choose college level essays that range between 3 to 7 pages. All instructors may choose their own articles or choose those in our Portfolio Readings and Questions Bank.
    • Give students a choice. It is strongly suggested that you give students the option to choose between three questions.
    • You may choose articles and/or excerpts from your course textbook.
    • You may choose articles from the Cabrillo College databases. 
    • You may go online and find articles that are “free” and posted for anyone to download.
  • Here is a “blank” prompt/question that you may alter to fit the articles you choose:
    • Authors Full Name                          "Article Title"
    • In "Article Title," Author’s Full Name describes x, y and z.  In a well-developed essay, identify what you think Author’s Last Name’s main point is, and discuss how the  essay  x, y and z.   Please use examples from the essay and your own observations and experiences to support your ideas.  Be sure to give your essay a title of its own.
  • You may also present students with questions that are not based on a text as long as one of the two out-of-class essays include textual analysis. For sample questions see Timed Essay Prompts not Using a Text
  • For sample articles that you may download from this site and the corresponding test questions, please visit our Portfolio Readings and Questions Bank.



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