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Beginners only: New to computers or the internet? Do you need typing skills?

Go to "Mouserobics" to learn more details of how to use a mouse and other basics.That's all you will need to use the exercises below. For a more general orientation to the Internet, click on these words, Internet 101. This is an excellent "learn free" site offered by Goodwill Community Foundation Do you feel you need to work on your typing skills first? There are many good places on the Internet to teach yourself how to type for free. One good example is Typing Web.

  Web Site Level Comments
1 Activities for ESL Students All TESOL pages. Hundreds of great quizzes and games with answers submitted by ESL teachers.  Covers American culture, grammar, vocabulary, and games.  A fun, clear, informative, and easy-to-use site for students and teachers. Free 
2 Adult and Family Education All An easy to use collection of life-skill language and grammar activities for ESL learners as well as some links to other sites on this page. Exceptional for its variety of exercises that include pronunciation and moving graphics. A fun and practical site. Free
3 Business English Course Intermediate/ 
High level grammar and vocabular quizzes, games and exerscises focused on using English at work. Also wonderful links to clear grammar explanations, listening practice and even special sections like "making presentations in English". Well organizied and easy to use. Free
4 Elf Net All Great overview of grammar topics in ESL with clear lessons and targeted exercises. Free.
5 Dave's ESL Cafe All Dave has added a lot for students. See link on the left to reach grammar exercises, idioms, pronunciation etc. Also has online help for teachers and students and even has an ESL jobs board. Great place to meet other ESL students in student forums. Free
6 All British English.  Excellent site for ponunciation, grammar and spelling. Easy to read tables. Even has a video section with subtitles especially for ESL learners. Fine reference section. Business section includes tips for cover letters, resumes, etc. Free.

English Language Center


All From the University Language Center in Victoria BC, an excellent collection of interrelated grammar, reading and vocabulary exercises at five different levels. Well organized for clarity and accessibility. Unusally good range of exercises on word order and sentence structure. Free
8 English Page Intermediate/ 
Excellent vocabulary and grammar lessons based on real life topics including jobs, the Internet etc. Great for phrasal verbs and verb tense practice - including irregular verb flash cards to download. Great reading section with real articles from online newpapers and magazines. Free
9 All This web site features mobile friendly stories, jokes and songs including read along and listen options. Also has bilingual sentence pairs in a wide variety of languages.
10 English Verb Conjugator All Going crazy with all the odd verbs and many verb tenses in English? This site lets you see all the tense forms for any verb you choose in either American or British English. It also gives you a handy list of other verbs that follow the same pattern.
11 ESL Gold All ESLGold provides hundreds of pages of English teaching and learning materials for both students and teachers. All resources are organized by skill and level for quick and easy access. Links to free online practice sites for the TOEFL test. Free

Google Language Tools


All Fabulous, easy to use translation helper. Translate text or put in a web address and translate (with occasional funny errors) a whole web page! Over 80 world languages supported plus a few just for fun, (Want to know how "Elmer Fudd" would say it in Esperanto?) Free
13 Guide to Grammar and Writing High Intermediate/ advanced The most comprehensive grammar and writing site we have yet found on the Internet. Clear - even charming - high level explanations of all aspects of grammar and writing with 170+ interactive quizzes. Features downloadable Powerpoint explanations of a wide variety of writing topics such as clauses. Free
14 Interlink ESL Resource Center All Contains good exercises in reading, writing, pronunciation, listening and grammar links with great Parts of Speech section. Also Games, and a great linking page for studying with music online. Free
15 Language Guide Beginner This site provides a great place to study the basic vocabulary topics of English, including numbers, clothing, and even the digestive system etc. It uses interactive written and audible labels on attractive graphics and pictures. Free

Learning Resources

Old CNN San Francisco news stories are provided in outline form, simplified form, and full form with audio or video with a variety of comprehension exercises in a very clear layout. Free
17 Lingual net Intermediate/Advanced A wonderful resource for ESL appropriate videos. This site has many short video clips of various genres (movies trailers, music videos,informational videos, etc.). Each video has subtitles in English and comprehension quizzes. "Students in our lab really enjoyed using this site."
Kristi Vanderhoof Cabrillo Writing Lab LIA
18 Randall's ESL Cyber Listening lab All Outstanding selection of interactive listening exercises for all levels. Clearly organized and easy to use. Includes long conversations on video, some at an advanced level. Free
19 Road to Grammar All A wonderfully direct, easy to use site with grammar exercises on a long list of grammar topics. It also includes "find the word" puzzles and good links. Free
20 Slang City Intermdediate/Adv Did you ever want someone to help you with American slang? Use this funny, well- organized site to learn and practice the slang used in modern songs and movies including body part language it would be difficult to ask you teacher about in class! Complete song scripts with slang definitionsincluded on this site ! Free
21 Spelling City All A great place to practice your spelling! You can create your own lists of spelling words or select from spelling word lists that teachers have posted. Site includes several games and a test for each list. Tests even allow you to hear the word! Free.
22 TOEFL Podcasts Intermdediate/Adv Great collection listening activities created by the Center for Educational Development. Native speakers talk and discuss topics similar to those that will appear on the TOEFL® or IELTS exams. You may listen online or download to an Ipod. Each TOEFL Podcast lasts 10-20 minutes, and has four parts at different levels of difficulty. Free
1. Especially for Spanish Speakers
Explicaciones en espanol Pumarosa "Aprende Ingles in 30 Dias"

Un gran sitio para ayudar a los hablantes de español ganar un vocabulario básico y conceptos clave en la gramática de Inglés al Español. 15 lecciones para principiantes y 15 lecciones intermedias. Todas las nuevas palabras también ofrecen Pronunciación de voz. Los ejercicios están basados en la traducción. Gratis

2 Especially for Spanish Speakers
Explicaciones en espanol
Todos niveles Todos los verbos irregulares del idioma inglés. Conjugación, pronunciación, traducción y ejemplos con dibujos divertidos. Gratis
3 Especially for Spanish Speakers
Explicaciones en espanol
Todos niveles Vocabulario del idioma inglés, organizado por categorías y tópicos, con traducción al español y pronunciación. Gratis
4 Especially for Spanish Speakers
Explicaciones en espanol
Todos niveles Aquí podrás aprender el idioma a través de lecturas con humor. El desafío es doble… tendrás que entender el inglés y además el sentido del chiste. Cada lección cuenta con su vocabulario, pronunciación, etc. Gratis


  • Audio English dictionary wonderfully clear dictionary for ESL learners with  all the different meanings explained clearly and laid out with example sentences, synonyms, and parts of speech. Many idioms are included.
  • the largest and most trusted free online dictionary. Instantly look up accurate and extensive definitions and word meanings, and hear audio.
  • The famous Merriam-Webster Dictionary on line - including a thesaurus

Finding More Articles on the Internet

  • Cabrillo College Careers - wonderful linking page to all kinds of information to help you find a career, prepare a resume etc.
  • The Internet's premiere free encyclopedia! More than 50,000 articles plus links giving you access to millions of articles and pictures.
  • New York Times Learning Network  Designed for Grades 3-12. Current events of the day from one of America's top newspapers with summaries, vocabulary and current events quizzes linked to the articles with the answers, and a student letter-writing section. 
  • The On-Line Books Page 25,000+ listings by Author, Title, Subject or Serial

Online Writing Labs - Help with writing essays

  1. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
    Wonderful, extremely well written and well designed site. In-depth, very clear explanations of all aspects of the writing process. Great for dedicated students and writers.
  2. Purdue University On-Line Writing Lab Truly outstanding writing site! Very well written handouts on a wide range of writing related topics, including style guides. Great guide to writing conventions and formatting etc in North American universities for ESL students.
  3. Guide to Writing a Basic Essay A Great overview of all the steps in the writing process. You can download it all in pdf. format and add it to your notebook.

Practice with other students

Especially for Teachers

  • Online Powerpoints Quickly downloadable Powerpoint explanations of a wide variety of writing topics such as clauses, parts of speech etc. Well made with sound effects and humor to highlight examples and key ideas.
  • English Lesson Plans for ESL and EFL English lesson plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels including reading, writing, listening, grammar, speaking, pronunciation for adult and childrens' classes as well as Business English.
  • The Compleate Lexical Tutor The amazing academic vocabuary development website recommended by Frank Noji, with concordancer, vocabulary profiler, exercise maker, interactive exercises, and much more.
  • Drew's Script-o-Rama. THE place to find hundreds of free filmscripts to allow your students to read films you show in class.
  • Breaking News 1000+ complete lessons on breaking news topics. Each article is offered in written and audio versions with an extensive variety of exercises and activities to help students master content.
  • ESL Provides intelligent discussion questions for students in pairs - using a Student A list and Student B list format. 626 discussion topics on both everyday themes and controversial issues. Easy to download and print.
  • Lesson Writer Astonishingly useful site for reading comprehension lessons. Copy/paste in an article and the program produces elegant, detailed lesson handouts with a wide variety of question forms, vocabulary, pronunciation features etc - with easy control and editing by you.
  • Rubi Star Makes rubric writing a cinch with their templates. " You can use the rubrics as is, or modify the templates to better serve your particular students' needs. You can choose from six skill categories: Multimedia, Products, Experiments, Oral Projects, Research and Writing, and Work Skills."
  • TESL: Commercial Publishers

Make your own tests and flashcards



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