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Student Information on Class Times
(when they are offered?)

Wondering what to take?

Should you take classes in any particular order?

Have a look to the left (or below) at the suggested scheudles.

Landscaping, Organic Food Production, or Crop Production

Are all classes offered each semester? No, sorry. Our classes are offered only one time each year.

When are they offered, what day and time?

Nothing is guaranteed but we try very hard to make it simple to start and complete your studies here but knowing what to take when is always a challenge

Typical Fall Classes

  • Hort 1A Basic Horticulture (Tuesday Evening and Wed Lab - day)
  • Hort 2 Soils (Thursday - day)
  • Hort 52 Greenhouse Design and Operation (Wed Evening)
  • Hort 62 Plant Materials and Design (Tuesday day)
  • Hort 65 Design Graphics (Monday - day)
  • Hort 70 Organic Agriculture (Friday - day)
  • Hort 100A Plant Propagation (Monday - day)
  • Hort 125 Hydroponics (Friday - day)
  • Hort 164 California Native Plants and Plant Communities (Thurs - day)
  • Hort 175 Sustainable Landscaping (Tuesday - day)

Typical Spring Classes

  • Hort 1B Basic Hort - Crop Production (Wednesday - day)
  • Hort 54 Business Aspects of Horticulture (Wednesday - day)
  • Hort 58 Irrigation (Friday day)
  • Hort 63 Plant Materials and Design (Tuesday day)
  • Hort 66 Landscape Design (Monday - day)
  • Hort 71 Organic Food Production 1 (Tuesday day)
  • Hort 125 Hydroponics (Friday - day)
  • Hort 150 Pest Management (Thursday. - day)
  • Hort 162 PR Pruning (Sat - day, 4 weeks)
  • Hort 160B Edible Landscaping (Wednesday evening)
  • Hort 172 Arboriculture (Thursday - day)

Typical Summer Class

  • Hort 72 Organic Food Production 2 (Tuesday day)


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