About the Chorus

Cheryl Anderson, director

Cabrillo Chorus is a non-profit organization associated with Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. Under the direction of Cheryl Anderson, the Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus has toured throughout the finest concert halls in the United States and Europe.

All concerts are underwritten by programming advertising sales, concert ticket sales, CD sales, and sponsorships of individual instrumentalists and soloists.

A Message from Cheryl Anderson

Dear Friends,

It is my belief that when we do anything that requires the best we have to offer, it gives us a measurement for excellence throughout our lives. It causes us to want to repeat that quest for superlative achievement. It also affirms beauty and perfection, resonating within the listener. Singing well the great music of the world deeply involves the brain, the body, and the heart.

We are, therefore, on a mission of self-discovery. It will require the greatest effort to discipline our minds and bodies in order that our spirits can take us places we've never been before. As a tree deeply rooted in the earth, we must be deeply rooted in our knowledge of the ability to sing music of the masters. We are the luckiest people alive, because not only do we get to do this, but we get to do it together.

My mission is for all the technical and mechanical aspects of our music making to be in complete control: language, notes, character of entrances, tone quality, pitch, rhythm, etc. It is only then that we can provide that hallowed space between singer and listener. It is only then that the music from our hearts can touch another heart.