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A Message From the Cheryl:

Dear Singers,

You may think I'm talking about last year or every other year, but I'm really talking about this up-and-coming FALL season.  I am SO excited to get back into the music!!!!!  I hope you summer's been great.  Mine has been a whirl and just wonderful. 

SPRING will be equally exciting with a huge variety of things happening.

Voice Camp this summer was off-the-charts.  So much fun. Then  IDS had their 10th Reunion and they have returned with purpose, with more mature and refined sound, with a hard-work ethic that won't quit, with a high fun quotient, and with admirable individual growth.  We added to our Artist of Distinction Wall of Honor three names so far:  Christian Pursell, Elizabeth Neff, and Jason Hentrich.  More will come  The criteria addresses enrollment or completion of a graduate degree in music, proven excellence and recognized stature as a professional performer or teacher, and a reputation for superior work.  Thanks to Dinah for helping pull together background information on all our students.  I'd be delighted to make that available to you.  Don't forget James Lesu'i's Recital TONIGHT, August 17,  at Samper Recital Hall, 7:00 pm  He sounds tremendous.  Eddie Tavalin will sing his recital tomorrow night, August 19 at Peace United Church at 5:00 pm.  He also sounds just wonderful.

I continue to celebrate in my heart the gorgeous concert we did in Carnegie Hall on June 26.  It was simply fabulous.  In late July I was honored to be a delegate to International Federation of Choral Musicians' Conference in Barcelona. Eriks was there and we had a wonderful time together; I met his beloved wife, he did a presentation on "Northern Lights" and then invited me to speak about "Sunset In My Hands."  His excitement overtook him as he kept interjecting his memories about all of you and the experience.  It was such an honor to do his music and now count him among our friends.

 It was hot in Spain (that's how it is in Barcelona in the summer, remember?), the conference was 9 days of choral music, master classes, sessions on every aspect of study and performance, gorgeous concerts in spectacular venues, some top quality time with friends, absolutely awe-inspiring visits to the Gaudi-created cathedral Sagrada Familia (mind-blowingly brilliant and gorgeous).  We had a day on the beach to enjoy, such good food.  And yesterday the gut-wrenching news of the terrorist attack on Barcelona, the exact spot where my friends and I stopped for a picture.  It is horrifying.  A town of vibrancy, tremendous architecture, welcoming attitudes, grand parades with 20-foot high puppets, gorgeous shore line, world-class food, abundance and joyousness:  all changed at the expense of totally innocent people.  Now there are more, and on the heels of Charlottesville.  If only words could remove the terrible acts and threats. I have no idea how to stop the violence.  What I do know is that good inspires, art elevates and informs, singing changes us inside and out: individually and collectively, we are stronger together, the vast majority of the world is just like us: kind, hard-working, joyous, committed to working for everyone's good, willing to grow, and desirous of helping.  It is onto that belief I hold and from that point which I will proceed.  

I look forward, once again, to examining and devoting ourselves to a year of great choral literature together.
See you very soon!

With love,

* Dena Watson Edwards Scholarship:Dena Watson

Dena Lynn (Watson) Edwards
01/16/1958 - 11/28/2012

The Cabrillo Foundation, Cheryl Anderson, Dena's friends and traditional students have created a scholarship to honor her life and contributions. It is a non-endowed, named scholarship in her honor that will spotlight music, projects, scholarships, students, events that were championed by Dena.  She was committed to working diligently toward the best goals of the choral program.  She remembered moments of transcendence in our performances.  She lived to recreate music that touched so deeply that everyone was changed for the better.

Therefore, there now exists the Dena Watson Edwards Scholarship.  It can be accessed easily by going online to the Foundation's "giving page:"

The link is very easy to use.  Donors may choose "other" and write in Dena Watson  Edwards Scholarship.

Your tax-deductible donation can be done with a click.

Donations can also be mailed to:  Cabrillo Foundation, Dena Watson Edwards Scholarship, Cabrillo College, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA  95003.
Please consider honoring something you believe enough in to dedicated at least one night a week to it.  If you've registered as a senior, you can give back to the chorus those saved funds while acknowledging the excellence and time reflected by Dena's work. Your gifts will be greatly appreciated.