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It is time to register for Fall Semester 2017

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Dear Singers,

You may think I'm talking about last year or every other year, but I'm really talking about this up-and-coming season.  I am SO excited to get back into the music!!!!!  I hope you summer's been great.  Mine has been a whirl and just wonderful.  We pick up soon, so here's the vital information.  Please pass it along to everyone you know, put it on social media, your email lists, Facebook pages, everything! ~ Cheryl

Please put all these dates on your calendars TODAY! (to top)

Messiah Sing Along is for everyone:  December 19, 7:00 pm, Peace United Church; Gala Reception following


Auditions:  Aug. 22 and 23 - Room 5148 - 3:30-5:00.  Bring a song and music for the pianist
Rehearsals begin:  August 29 and 30, depending on which group you are a part of. 
Winter concert (November 19)
Fantastic year planned


Meets  MWF - 5148 - 12-1:30 - Begins August 18
Singing entire Messiah with orchestra and other things (December 16-17);
Part 1 in the Fall, Parts 2-3 Spring
Such a wonderful year it will be.


Auditions:  August 29, 6:30-10:00 pm -5148 - for new and returning members who have been gone from the group for at least a semester;  prepare a solo and bring the accompaniment.  See guidelines on
35th Anniversary of Music for the Feast of Christmas  (December 1-2-3)
SOOOO much celebration!!!

Auditions:  August 31 - 5148 - 3:00-8:00 pm, sign up on my door (5127) or call/email for a time to reserve.
This is the 25th Anniversary of Concert for a Winter's Eve.  (December 9 and 10)
This will be an extremely special concert.

Registration is Easy Online: (to top)

If you have NO repeatability  problems (you've participated in Chorus less than 4 semesters) You must  register for: Music 61  Section 99080

Step by Step Instructions once you are registered at Cabrillo and have a Web Advisor account:

Register for section

If you will NOT be joining us this Fall, please let your section leader know ASAP who will forward that information to Cheryl. 

Auditions: (to top)

We welcome new singers! Please audition and tell EVERYONE to come sing at Cabrillo to make music and new friends! To set-up an audition time, email: cranders(at)cabrillo(dot)edu

All Auditions and Rehearsals will be held in the Cabrillo College VAPA 5000 Music Building
6500 Soquel Drive Aptos, CA 95003.

For audition requirements/tips click here.

Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus Audition

Tuesday I August 29, 6:30-10:00 pm -5148

Class Description: (to top)

Provides an in-depth study of choral music techniques and performance of large
choral ensemble masterworks from the Classical, Romantic and Contemporary
periods, unaccompanied and with an orchestra. Audition includes sight-reading,
foreign languages, and demonstration of musicianship skills. Prerequiste: By
audition. Repeatability: This course may be taken no more than four times, including
in any combination with the following course(s): MUS 36, 39, 61, 65.
Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU;UC C-ID MUS 180


Concert attire:

Course Requirements :

We meet in the VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) Recital Hall 5000 - Medium Rehearsal Room #5148 on corner of Soquel Drive and Cabrillo College Drive; ocean side of Soquel. For maps click here.

Our ensemble is comprised of singers of varied backgrounds and strengths. We are brought together by a love of the literature, a desire to sing together and to learn more about our singing voices, and to improve. It is profoundly important to respect one another's abilities and ambitions, to support one another, and to take personal responsibility for being excellent one's self. We also have the responsibility to listen with an open mind and a joyful heart to the corrections given. Ultimately, our job is to perform works with integrity and beauty. The process should include astute preparation on each singer's part so that our time together is productive and pleasurable for us all.