2016 Touring Chorus

Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus Concert Tour to Cuba!

Cuba Concert January 2016

Joint concert with a local choir in Havana (photo credit: Classical Movements)

The Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus, led by Cheryl Anderson, returned from Cuba after a wonderful 9-day tour through multiple provinces and the capital city of Havana.

The ensemble performed for large audiences and had memorable musical exchanges in Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Matanzas, and Havana, where they learned about the various Cuban rhythms by singing, drumming and dancing with local musicians. All of their performances were collaborative concerts.

“Cubans have an incredible sensibility for music. The standing ovations have been a wonderful experience and I will always cherish the moment. Cantores de Cienfuegos is an excellent young choir and we are very impressed with their work. Music gives us all a way to reach the soul of the people and to get closer to the spiritual world of everyone. People in Cuba have a very special way of feeling music.”- Cheryl Anderson

Fantastic Performances, Exchanges, and Sights
Cuba Tour 2016

Clockwise from top left: Workshop with local conductor; a performance in Matanzas; Impromptu dancing; and a concert in Santa Clara (photo credit: Classical Movements)

The Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus enjoys a stellar reputation at home in the Monterey Bay Area of California as well as internationally. This is their first tour to Cuba and it was filled with outreach exchanges and performances to remember.

The choir had an opportunity to visit and perform in the cities of Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Matanzas and Havana. Highlights include workshops with prominent local conductors, amazing concert collaborations in several provinces, and dance lessons with afro-Cuban drumming demonstrations.

Take Your Ensemble to Cuba!
Cuba Tour 2016

Cabrillo Music Director and her husband enjoy a classical car ride and a gentleman with his donkey in Trinidad (photo credit: Classical Movements)

Classical Movements Touring
Classical Movements has taken numerous groups to Cuba in recent years, including the Minnesota Orchestra, Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, New Amsterdam Singers, San Francisco Girls Chorus, St. Paul’s School Choir and String Ensemble, University of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, the Yale Glee Club, and the Yale Alumni Chorus.

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American choirs and orchestras who wish to tour to Cuba for public performances require a license from the US Government. Classical Movements has knowledge and experience of this process and can assist you.