Voice Camp FAQs
  • 2018 Voice Camp is August 6-10.

  • Camp runs from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm with a performance on Friday at 3pm. This last day of camp ends after the performance, around 4:30 pm.  

  • There is only one camp session.

  • Camp is held in the Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA) Building at Cabrillo College at the corner of Cabrillo College Drive and Soquel Drive. Scroll down in the search bar of this Interactive Googlemap of Cabrillo Campus and click on VAPA 5000-Music Center. We have the entire building for our program.

  • Because of this wonderful space, we do not have a limit to the number of children who may attend our camp.  There are usually about 80 campers working with 15-20 adults.

  • We will register through Cabrillo Extension as we do for the regular program.

  • The camp program costs $250.

  • Each camper is also required to purchase a CYC polo shirt for $20, unless your camper already has one. You may ignore the other info about formal wear.  

  • Financial support is available if needed. To request financial assistance, please print the Tuition Assistance form and send it with your registration form to the address on the form.

The camp program is both fun and very educational!  The children are quickly sorted into skill/age groups upon arrival the first day. They then move though their camp day with this group of similarly skilled friends. Each day the groups rotate through lessons in choral singing, music theory, movement, rhythm, etc.  

The music selected for these classes comes from the play/opera that the campers will perform on the last day of camp. In general the classes are before lunch. After a break for lunch the campers move into play and choral rehearsals.  All campers are included in the play. Those who wish to may audition for solo speaking/singing roles in the play.  These auditions are held during camp. Many campers are new to singing and find that they are well prepared by the camp program for these auditions!

Mixed in with  the education aspect of camp is a lot of fun.  There is a theme for each day. The children are invited to dress up for this theme and many do.  Hence, the crazy costumes you sometimes see in the camp photo gallery.  Finally there is the famous Gutter Sundae! The children can't wait for Thursday to roll around because it means Gutter Sundae. Picture 30 feet of ice cream sundae in a rain gutter on the ground!  It's an all you can eat feast!  Pretty silly and very memorable. (We are inclusive and make a special effort to support allergy diets.)

We hope this tweaks your desire to attend.  There are children of all ages and from dozens of schools in our camp each summer.  Come and meet new friends and reinvent yourself!