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Written Application: Due Wednesday, March 21, 20178 by 5:00pm

in the VAPA Division Office, Room 1007


The Written Application has two parts, an Application Form and a Statement of Goals. Be sure to follow all instructions, complete each section thoroughly, and include all required components.


The application also requires a Faculty Signature/Nomination. If an instructor has not approached you yet about applying for a scholarship, please speak with an instructor asap about your interest in applying for a scholarship this year.


Step 2: Written Application Procedure Checklist

  • Part I – Scholarship Application Form: Follow instructions and complete the form, then submit by the Due Date. Includes a Faculty signature nomination.
  • Part II – Statement of Goals: Follow guidelines to help you write your statement, then submit it with the Application Form.
  • Copy of Current Transcript: Include a current unofficial transcript with your Application Form. Applicant may obtain an unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor.
  • Faculty Signature/Nomination: Meet with an Art Studio or Art Photography Faculty member and receive a Signature Nomination. Be sure to meet with your faculty person asap - do not leave this until the last minute!
  • Send an Email to Committee Chair: Once you have submitted your application - Email Susan Hoisington at: - this is for an unofficial award notification. Send as Subject: 2018 Scholarship Submitted – Your Name.
  • Submit Completed Written Application: VAPA Division Office, Room 1007, on or before Wednesday, March 21, 2018, by 5:00 pm. 

NO EXCEPTIONS. An incomplete Application will disqualify an applicant.


Tips for Writing the Statement:
• Don’t leave your Statement to the last minute. Get started writing now and work on it over several days.
• Start with a first draft & don’t worry about complete sentences – just get your ideas out where you can work on them.
• Refine your Statement and remember to use Spellcheck! Keep it concise – one page or less.
• When ready, have someone with good writing skills and experience proofread your Statement for you.


Questions to Jump Start Your Writing (this is not a checklist of requirements):
• What goals do you have for your future in art?
• Do you plan to continue your art studio education beyond Cabrillo?
• When did you start making art? Maybe you want to tell the committee about your art making history.
• What makes you want to study art? What inspires you?
• How do you wish to express yourself with art?
• What have you learned about yourself through art?
• Tell the committee about the portfolio artwork you have submitted for review.
• What have you learned specifically in the Cabrillo College Art Departments that has helped you, changed you, and/or inspired you?




Contact Information
Visual Art Scholarship Committee

Susan Hoisington

(831) 479-6131



Spring 2018


2D contact -

Tobin Keller


3D, Metals contact -

Dawn Nakanishi


Ceramics contact -

Gail Ritchie-Bobeda


Photo contact -

Susan Hoisington


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