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Please carefully read the following information:

The Visual Arts Scholarship Committee does not handle any scholarship funds.

Scholarship and Award Funds: Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office ( will disburse funds to students and all questions should be addressed to that office.

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will mail* an official notification letter to students selected to recieve any Scholarships and/or Awards. The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will include instructions on how to recieve your Scholarship and/or Award. You must follow these instructions in order to recieve the Scholarship and/or Award.

Please note that this mailing can take a number of weeks. Please refer your questions to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

* Please make sure that your Student Account is updated with your current address in order to receive this important notification.

Funds Availability:
Each Scholarship and Award has specific funds disbursement criteria – some are available during the Summer and others are available at the beginning of the Fall Semester.  Please refer to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office letter for the specific details of the funds availability.

Description: FinancialAid-Image

Cabrillo College has partnered with BankMobile, a refund management company, to deliver your financial aid refund. Visit or get easy answers anytime by using BankMobile’s online FAQ database.

With a few exceptions, recipients must be enrolled at Cabrillo College or attending a four-year college or university to be eligible for their funds.  Proof of enrollment must be delivered to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, SAC East - 2nd Floor, before a check can be issued. Please refer to your letter of notification from the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.


Phone: 831.479.6100

Exception to Funds Availability – Outstanding Fees:
The college will apply scholarship and/or award money to any outstanding fees that the student may have.

Note of Appreciation:
If you are selected for a scholarship or award, you are required to write a Thank You letter.  This is a very important step to complete. Many contributors give money each year to help students with their education goals. Thanking them is with a written note honors their ongoing contributions.

Please review the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office information for details in order to write your letter.




Contact Information
Visual Art Scholarship Committee

Susan Hoisington

(831) 479-6131



Spring 2018


2D contact -

Tobin Keller


3D, Metals contact -

Dawn Nakanishi


Ceramics contact -

Gail Ritchie-Bobeda


Photo contact -

Susan Hoisington


Map and Directions
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