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Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions from the Catalog Current Offerings, Schedule of Classes Next Semester Offerings, Schedule of Classes Get the Brochure
Fire Technology
Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions from the Catalog Current Offerings, Schedule of Classes Next Semester Offerings, Schedule of Classes Get the Brochure
Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions from the Catalog Current Offerings, Schedule of Classes Next Semester Offerings, Schedule of Classes Get the Brochure
Degree Requirements and Course Descriptions from the Catalog Current Offerings, Schedule of Classes Next Semester Offerings, Schedule of Classes Get the Brochure
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Cabrillo College EMT Refresher Syllabus and Schedule

Contact Information

Course Director                    Kris Hurst                       239-7031              Instruction

Course Instructor                  Carol Wallace                685-6690 x114          Instruction

Program Coordinator            Eireann Del Bonta           479-6468           Administration

Public Safety FAX                Attn:  EMT                     477-5680

County Certification              Ruth Shugart                   454-4120

County EMS FAX                                                      454-4272

Santa Cruz County EMS Office                                  1080 Emeline Ave, Santa Cruz Ca


Cabrillo EMT Refresher Course (FT 184) - 3 day intensive format             

Cabrillo College’s EMT Training Program has been developed and approved in compliance with the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 9, Chapter2, EMT-B.  The EMT certification is valid for 2 years from the date it was issued by the Santa Cruz County EMS Office (part of the Health Services Agency).

Registration and Attendance

You must be registered at Cabrillo College in order to attend. You can register up to the first day of the class.  Students not intending on attending the course must drop the class in order not to receive a failing grade. The refresher course no longer meets throughout the regular EMT course.

Skills Verification Information

If a student needs to get skills verified they must attend the entire refresher course.   Skills will no longer be verified during lab or skills testing at the midterm or the final. 

Skills verification is included as part of the refresher course (please see schedule of classes for dates). 

Skills will be scenario based.  Review of skills can be made by viewing the skills video at  Look under EMT Lab co-requisite practical skills tutorials (also for refresher student review).

There are 10 skills that need to be demonstrated for recertification.  The skills competency verification form can be found both on the Cabrillo College web page and  Skills are verified in a scenario based format.  The patient exam, trauma patient is verified by doing a detailed physical exam on a trauma patient.  The patient examination, medical patient will be verified by running a scenario on a chest pain or respiratory patient.  Airway emergencies are verified by demonstrating adult and infant obstructed airway management.  Breathing emergencies are verified by providing ventilation to a nonbreathing patient using a pocket mask or a BVM.  Circulation and AED emergencies are verified by demonstrating CPR and the use of an AED.  Neurological emergencies will be verified by c-spining a supine patient and doing a thorough neurological exam prior to and after spinal immobilization.  Soft tissue injury will be verified by demonstrating bleeding control and shock management.  Musculoskeletal injury will be verified by demonstrating the sling and swathe on an injured upper extremity.  Finally the obstetrical emergency will be verified by demonstrating the skill of emergency childbirth.

General EMT Recertification Requirements 

You must have an appointment to recertify (454-4120).  You must recertify in person at 1080 Emeline Street in Santa Cruz. 

The following items are required to re-certify as an EMT-B in Santa Cruz County.

  1. 24 hours of continuing education are required for recertification.  This can be done in:
    • Standard format:  24 hour refresher course (Cabrillo College)

      Take the Refresher course completion you will receive from Cabrillo College with you to your appointment for recertificaiton at the county office.  Course completions can be picked up after completing the refresher course in the Public Safety Office from Eireann Del Bonta (479-6468).

    • Continuing Education Program:  administered by Santa Cruz County EMS Integrated Authority (EMSIA).
  2. Fill out and sign the application for EMT including the declaration of compliance page.
  3. Take your driver’s license or passport to County EMS.
  4. Application fee (cash or cashier’s check only payable to Health Services Agency).  The office recommends that you call for a current fee schedule.  ($75 in county, $150 out of county fee-fees are subject to change).
  5. Copy of current CPR card for the professional rescuer.  ASHI, ARC and AHA are the recognized certifications for CPR.
  6. Copy of your current EMT card.
  7. Completed Skills Verification Form.
  8. Live Scan Receipt (BCII 016)  According to SCC Health Service Agency Police 3040 updated 3/07: 

All individuals applying for recertification must submit a one-time Live Scan DOJ Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) back ground check if it is the first recertification after January 1, 2007 or this is the first ever recertification with Santa Cruz County EMS. 

This Live Scan form and related instructions can be obtained at the EMS Agency or by mail.  Complete the application and contact a Live Scan location to make an appointment and verify hours and payment method.  Live Scan fees are typically between $50-70.  The Sheriff’s Center at Cabrillo College accepts walk-ins Monday through Friday.  Check their web-site for hours.  Submit part two (second copy) of Live Scan form with your EMT application.  Live Scan's done for other agencies cannot be accepted by the county EMS office.  You must use their Live Scan form.  It is specific for each agency requiring a background check.

For questions on the EMT certification process go to and look under the public health, EMT certification.  Be aware that certain types of criminal record could preclude you from EMT certifications.  If you have any questions speak directly to the EMS office in Santa Cruz.  The EMT application, live scan service form with instructions and location lists, skills check off verification and instruction form are all available to be downloaded and referenced at the above webpage as well as on Cabrillo's EMT web-page.

  Please direct any questions on the skills verification to Kris Hurst.

Frequently asked questions:

What if my certification has lapsed?

Less than 6 months, all of the above with no extra hours of continuing education hours.  The caveat is that you CANNOT work as an EMT during those months of lapsed certification.

More than 6 months but less than 12 months, all of the above with 12 extra hours of CE hours.

More than 12 months but less than 24 months, all of the above with 24 extra hours of CE hours.

More than 24 months, you are not eligible for recertification.  You must retake the initial EMT course and reapply as any initial EMT would, including taking and passing the NREMT certifying exam. 

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