College Connection

“It takes a college . . .”

The college connection is crucial to the success of the program Many departments in the college provide direct support to the Center.

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Disabled Students Programs and Services

DSPS and the Center have close ties. Funding for disabled students throughout the California Community College system is calculated with a different funding formula than that used for non-disabled students. This categorical money is regulated by the Community College Chancellor’s office. Payments to the district to support educational programs and services for disabled students are determined by student attendance and the type of disability served. The categorical funds that come to Cabrillo are designated to be used only for disabled students, with an allowance made for college overhead. The college matches a percentage of these categorical dollars. The amount of the match varies with the status of annual district budget.

The budget for all disabled students programs and services is managed by the Director of Disabled Students for Cabrillo. The DSPS office is notified of every student that enters or leaves the Center during a semester. The Center Director and Center staff interact with DSPS staff on a regular basis.

Health and Wellness Division

While finances are handled through DSPS, the Center is formally aligned with the Health, Wellness, Physical Education and Athletics Division for instructional and college governance matters. The Center Director meets regularly with the other program directors assigned to the HWPEA division. The Division Dean, Dr. Kathleen Welch, supervises the Center Director and oversees the program. The division's program directors responsible for allied health programs as well as the physical education directors that are interested in the new Wellness Center are deeply involved in planning a new facility which will eventually house all of the division health-oriented programs.

Admission and Records

Although, registration and attendance accounting is completed onsite at the Center, Cabrillo’s Registrar's office on the main campus assumes responsibility for the accuracy of documents and attendance accounting. Because the Center has open enrollment (students can enter and leave any time during the semester), there is daily interaction between the Registrar’s office and the Center’s front office staff.

Public Relations

Because the Center holds a special place in the heart of the community at large, the Marketing and Communications office keeps close ties with the Center’s activities. Newspaper articles in four different local papers, appearances on community and local network TV plus radio broadcasts on the two local radio stations are common.

Human Resources

Human Resources coordinates all aspects of the hiring of permanent staff for the college. Whenever there is a change in personnel, Center staff interact closely with Human Resources staff.

Maintenance and Operations

“M & O” staff members are among the Center’s "best friends." Since our current facility is approaching 70 years of age, there is much that can and does break. Over the years, M & O has repaired leaky roofs, flooded floors, broken furnaces, stopped-up plumbing and has helped the Center’s staff and students face a wide variety of facility challenges. Custodial service for the Center is also provided nightly by M & O.

Because many of the major building and remodeling projects at the Center have been funded by the Center's Auxiliary and private donors, Center staff have the freedom to choose contractors to provide privately funded services. However, M & O staff have traditionally been extremely helpful in assisting the staff in making sound building and maintenance decisions.

Computing Resources

Computing Resources installs and maintains the Center’s computers and networking connections to the main campus.

Cabrillo Foundation

The Cabrillo Foundation invests and manages donations to the Center. In addition, they provide donor-tracking services for donations over $25.00. Since the Center has major assets from bequests and generous private donations, the Foundation’s staff is vital to the healthy functioning of the Center.

Faculty Senate and Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers

Center staff members have traditionally been very involved in campus governance. Besides serving on a variety of governance committees, individual staff members have served on the Faculty Senate and on the CCFT Council. The Center Director, Debora Bone, is currently President of the CCFT.

We are grateful to Congressman Sam Farr and the US Department of Education,
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation for the funding support that made this website possible.