The Facility 

The Current Facility

In the summer of 1976, the Center outgrew its original space--a single classroom in an elementary school with declining enrollment. Participants at the original Center scoured the community with an open mind and found a large abandoned facility that others had determined was too costly and too challenging to “rehabilitate.” If rehabilitating broken bodies was possible, rehabilitating a mere building was not so daunting a task! Besides, since the building was adjacent to a golf course and nestled in a park, the outdoor environment alone could contribute to stress reduction and healing.

Facility undergoing remodeling.For the past 30 years, this badly distressed abandoned building has been completely remodeled and adapted to serve student’s needs. In 1976, in exchange for rent of $1.00 a year, the college assumed responsibility for maintenance and repairs. Until recently most work had been done or funded by students, staff and volunteers. The college stepped in to cover the major expense of replacing flooring after some flooding an replacing the ancient heating system.

The current space is not modern or easy to maintain, but it works well creating a supportive, warm educationally sound environment. The floor plan pictured below, is color coded to indicate which departments utilize which areas. There are three planting patios and a large deck that are not specified on the plan.

The New Facility

Two local community college bonds have been passed to add new buildings to the main campus. Among these, is a new Health Wellness Center which will house the Allied Health programs, the Stroke and Acquired Disability Center and a Wellness Center. The Center’s space will not have as many square feet as the current space, but the design team is working diligently to assure that the space will accommodate all current classes and student needs.

We are grateful to Congressman Sam Farr and the US Department of Education,
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation for the funding support that made this website possible.