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Students & Caregivers

happy student moving to next class Adults learning to live with functional losses after a stroke or other physical/neurological challenges are invited to enroll as students in the Cabrillo College Stroke and Disability Learning Center. Small-group CORE classes facilitated by licensed professional instructors and their assistants address the educational needs of the whole person. Additional HEART activities encourage creativity, social engagement and further practice of skills.

Here at the SDLC, we know that caregivers are partners in helping our students to be successful. Under the guidance of our expert faculty, the students, their families and caregivers learn about community resources, practice new skills and gain confidence to solve problems effectively. Family, friends and caregivers are invited to observe and learn. Students requiring personal assistance may be asked to bring a care attendant.


Who Can Enroll

You can enroll in the Stroke and Disability Learning Center program if you have just recently completed medical rehabilitation and/or if you have enduring physical challenges. You must be at least 18 years old. If you are not a California resident, you will pay out-of-state registration fees. Your doctor, counselor, social worker or physical therapist may refer you, or you may self-refer. A medical release is required. This is an educational program and it will not affect your insurance status.

In order to benefit from the program, students must be able to work in a group setting and follow directions. Students requiring individual supervision for physical care needs may be asked to bring a personal caregiver.

The Center is not a respite center or drop-in center, nor does it replace individual therapy.


How To Enroll

Prospective students are invited to call the Stroke and Disability Learning Center at 831-477-3300 for information about how to enroll in one of the Orientation classes, held several times during the Cabrillo College Fall and Spring semesters. View the Academic Calendar (center of page, listed under Favorites)

Note: The Stroke and Disability Learning Center Registration takes place at the SDLC, not through the regular college admissions process.

To Become a Student at the Stroke and Disability Learning Center

Step 1: Call the Center 831-477-3300

A counselor or representative of the program will answer your questions and determine with you whether this educational program is right for you.

You do not need a doctor’s order to become a student but you will be asked to sign a medical release.

Please have this information ready:

  1. Your doctor’s name and phone number
  2. Information about whether you use MediCal or Supplemental Security Income

Step 2: Phone consultation or meeting with Counselor

You will be asked to answer questions by telephone to help the faculty to determine your educational interests and goals. It may be helpful to make an appointment to meet with the Counselor, discuss your needs and take a tour of the Center.

Step 3: Orientation

The counselor will schedule an Orientation class for you to learn about SDLC and determine what activities will best meet your learning goals. You will meet the faculty and staff and participate in a variety of classes as part of the Orientation.


Fees for the CORE classes are based on the Student Fee policies of Cabrillo College and depend on the number of course units taken. (link to Cabrillo fee information here.)

Low-income students are eligible for the California Community College, Board of Governors’ Fee Waiver (BOG Waiver). The counselor or program coordinator can assist you with the application for the waiver.

The additional HEART Program activities require a separate fee to the Cabrillo Extension. Registration takes place at the SDLC and is reserved for students taking CORE classes.

We make every effort to assure that cost is not a barrier to enrollment. A small number of scholarships are available to assist low-income students.

You are going to college, not a medical center, so your charge for services will be college fees, not medical fees. MediCARE and insurance restrictions do not apply, nor will your coverage or premiums be impacted.



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