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Program Information

1. All participants must enroll in a class at Cabrillo College while abroad, and college fees must be paid prior to departure.

Language levels available (these may vary with each program):

  • Beginning 1 or 2 (5 units)
  • Intermediate 3 or 4 (5 units)
  • Conversation 10 (3 units)
  • Advanced 5 or 25 (3 units)

2. Attendance at one of the orientation sessions at Cabrillo College, or a telephone conference with the academic program director is required.

3. Accident insurance coverage is required.

4. A Valid Passport

  • If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately at the post office or city hall
  • Allow at least 8 weeks for processing

5. General Release and Health Information

  • Every trip participant must fill out the general release and health information before departure and turn it to the BELA Division office in Room 301.
  • To download the general release forms and health information, click here.
  • It is extremely important that the Academic Program Director know about any kind of allergies or an extraordinary medical condition you may have. If you are taking regular medication, please take the amount you will need during your stay abroad. Special medical care may be very limited in some countries. Speak to the Director about your special needs.




The Summer 2020 to Buenos Aires is cancelled


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