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Why Carpool?

Save GasCabrillo GHG Profile 2008

Over half of Cabrillo's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are from commutes. Sharing the ride can help!

Save Money

How much do you spend on gas, parking and auto maintenance for your trips to Cabrillo? Wouldn't it be nice to save some of that $$$?

Make Friends

Carpooling is a great way to get to know others in the Cabrillo community. Find study buddies in your neighborhood!

So what are you waiting for? Hop in the 'pool and share the ride!

Click here to find or offer a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

I come to campus at different times on different days. How do I indicate this when I sign up?

Do your best to choose a representative travel freqency. Note the specific times and days in the "Add a Comment" section during set-up.



Fall 2011

Cabrillo AlterNetRides Carpool Service makes its debut!

Online Carpool banner

Some of our posters are ready to print - click thumbnail to get an 11x17inch .JPG file for printing.

Carpool Poster - Kelly Keen Carpool Poster - Harbourne Norris

Summer 2011

The Cabrillo Sustainablility Council has three winners from our poster contest! These prizewinners should be recieving their awards soon: Zach Morgan (1st), Kelly Keen (2nd) and Harbourne Norris (3rd). Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all who entered! Updated versions of the winning posters (and some honorable mention poster ideas) will be used to promote Cabrillo AlterNetRides Carpool Service.

Morgan Z Keen K Norris H

Spring 2011

The Cabrillo Sustainablility Council won a $1500 grant from the MBUAPCD logoMonterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District to set up and publicize an online carpooling service. We held a poster contest for promotional images by students.




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