Donor: BILL LOCKE-PADDON (1942-2014)

 Cabrillo College Trustee, Al Smith, salutes Bill Locke-Paddon at All College Day 2013



Bill Locke-Paddon was the 2013 Meritorious Service Award Winner


Bill Locke-Paddon was an Emeriti Cabrillo College Foundation Board Member and major donor. He served on the Cabrillo College Foundation Board from 1976 to 1992 and held many leadership positions. He was instrumental on the Watsonville Center Campaign.

For decades, Bill Locke Paddon generously donated to a wide range of areas at Cabrillo College including: Faculty Grants for Student Success, supporting students through the Steven Locke-Paddon Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Women’s Educational Success, and the Watsonville Center. As a trustee of the Borina Foundation, he provided over $1 Million to add Lakeview Middle School to the Cabrillo College CAP program.

Bill Locke Paddon was a tremendous asset to our community. Evident through the time and efforts he has dedicated to the College, he proved to be a steadfast supporter of Cabrillo College. Along with his financial support and leadership through the Cabrillo College Foundation Board of Directors, he had strong personal ties with Cabrillo College.

In spring 1970, when his wife Terry was pregnant with their youngest and fifth child, Steven, Bill's cousin Kathie Welch was a first year nursing student at Cabrillo College. 

While a nursing student at Cabrillo, Kathie’s "project" was following Terry with her pregnancy and delivery. Kathie and Bill were both present at Steven’s birth - in those days, it was very unique to let the father in the birth room. Kathie Paddon Welch is now the Vice President of Instruction at Cabrillo College.

Bill Locke Paddon was extremely genuine and cared deeply for Cabrillo College. His leadership and volunteer efforts helped to continue the legacy of the College. He was a trusted advisor and donor and was in the forefront as an advocate of Cabrillo College.

Cabrillo College Trustee, Al Smith, accepted the 2013 Meritorious Service Award on behalf of Bill Locke-Paddon on August 26, 2013:

"Most people in our community know Bill Locke-Paddon. Certainly we have all benefited by his work. So I am notAlan Smith going to describe him. Let me say two things.

First, in my opinion, Bill is a good example of the tremendous positive impact one decent person, yes, even a lawyer, can have by quiet encouragement; wise use of resources; and steady advocacy over many years, all the while enjoying family and a successful career.

Second, St. Ignatius of Loyola said five hundred years ago: “To do many things and to mix with many people, yet not turn aside from either God or oneself, is a great and rare art.”

I say Bill Locke-Paddon is a rare artist. Thank you. I will make sure this award is delivered. On behalf of Bill Locke-Paddon and his family, thank you very much." Cabrillo College Trustee, Alan Smith (pictured right)

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