STUDENT: Lindsey Knepper

tiffany hudsonLindsey moved donors with her heartfelt appreciation for receiving a WES grant. Here is what she said at the WES luncheon in Fall 2010:

When asked to participate in expressing my gratitude upon receiving the WES grant, I gladly accepted without any hesitation. Standing before you is proof that each contribution is making a difference; a difference in my life, and most likely a number of women who are expected to make it on their own when working towards scholastic goals. Funding your own academic future at times can feel impossible. Receiving this grant in the spring semester of 2010 eased my mind and made the impossible a bit more possible. It’s not just receiving a check that makes everything better, it’s the fact that established women in my community are saying, “we believe in you and want you to succeed”. Being awarded the WES grant just emphasized that I am on the right path and doing the right thing. Having a group of strong women behind me is very motivating and reminds me that I don’t want to let myself down, or anyone involved in my academic success. My story (which is still in progress) is not uncommon, but it’s my own. I was emancipated at seventeen and decided that working full time and abandoning school was the most logical thing do to. When I was laid off in September of 2009 from my job of three years I knew it was time for a change. At 27, I decided to embrace an education that would give me a fighting chance at having career; a chance to do something that I’m passionate about, something fulfilling to my soul. It’s almost the inevitable that when embarking on a new path fierce obstacles pop left and right, books, car maintenance, and everyday living expenses are just naming a few. This can be extremely over whelming. Aside from Pell grants and Board of Governors grants, I am one hundred percent financing my education on my own; and your gift shares that burden. I have been more proud of myself in the past ten months then in my entire life. Your donations are wrapped in confidence and I hope it transcends through every recipient. It does through me. Thank you, Lindsey Knepper

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