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Cabrillo College Foundation has three grant programs to support Cabrillo College faculty: Faculty Grants for Student Success, Crocker Endowment Grants, and the Engineering and Applied Science Endowment. For additional information contact Cabrillo College Foundation Executive Director Melinda Silverstein at 479-6338 or mesilver@cabrillo.edu.


Faculty Grants for Student Success

faculty grant recipientsThe largest and oldest of the programs to annually support faculty is the Faculty Grants for Student Success started by Keith and Elinor Shaffer. Faculty Grants for Student Success has also received significant support from Leila Biancalana, Borina Foundation, John and Tery Gargiulo, Gary Reece, and Bob and Fran Swenson. In 2007, retired Cabrillo College English instructor John Morgan left Cabrillo in his will to establish the John Morgan Faculty Grant Endowment.

Funds: Approximately $15,000 to $20,000 is available to award each year. Grant size ranges from $600 to over $5,000.
Eligibility: All Cabrillo College faculty are eligible to apply. The grant may be used to buy equipment, support research, support course work, and pay for related costs for presenting at conferences. Any project that relates to instruction is eligible for consideration.

Engineering and Applied Science Endowment

Mark and Barbara Beck established the Engineering and Applied Science Endowment in January 2004. Barbara was one of the earliest employees of Cisco Systems and retired as a young woman in 2002. Barbara's father, now deceased, was the founding physics faculty member at Cabrillo.

Funds: Approximately $6,000-$10,000 is available to award each year.
Eligibility: The following five programs are eligible to apply for grants: computer information systems, computer science, engineering, engineering technology, and physics (also MESA in support of the five programs).

Crocker Endowment Grants

Cabrillo Alumni Dick and Theresa Crocker were the first alumni to give $1,000,000, the largest outright donation received at Cabrillo College at that time. Dick and Theresa expressed their honor and pleasure to come full circle as Cabrillo alumni and have this opportunity to give back to the college that made a huge difference in their lives. Their generous donation has provided funding for the Crocker Theater, named in their honor, and the grand opening gala, smart classrooms around campus, and three substantial endowments that will provide permanent funding for Cabrilllo.

  • Dental Hygiene & Allied Health Crocker Endowment
  • Visual and Performing Arts Crocker Endowment
  • Campus-Wide Crocker Endowment
Funds: Approximately $25,000 is available to award each year.
Eligibility: Cabrillo faculty and staff are eligible to apply.
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