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Outcomes Assessment Review Committee (OARC)

Mission/Purpose Statement

The Outcomes Assessment Review Committee (OARC), a subcommittee of the College Planning Council, oversees, analyzes and evaluates all campus SLO and AUO (Administrative Unit Outcomes) assessment activities, a key component of campus institutional effectiveness and accreditation efforts. OARC provides support to faculty and staff engaged in outcomes assessment by analyzing the results of those efforts and making recommendations for how to improve them.

Its annual report reviews assessment results in Instruction, Student Services, the Library and Administration, looking for common themes and broad trends. The report, which makes recommendations for improving student learning and campus SLO processes, is shared with college-wide governing bodies: the Governing Board, the College Planning Council, the Faculty Senate, the Student Senate, and the two employee unions.

In addition, when needed, the committee provides staff development training in outcomes assessment and produces best practices manuals, how-to workbooks and other pertinent materials to assist faculty and staff with their outcomes assessment work.

OARC is also empowered to initiate a college-wide dialog process to analyze and solve broad issues about student learning that have been revealed by SLO assessment results across the campus.


2017-18 Goals:

  1. Assess Programs Without Departments
  2. Disaggregate SLO Data in a Manner that Meets Accreditation Standards
  3. Implement eLumen SLO module
  4. Analyze OARC Emerging Issues
  5. Encourage Sharing Assessment Results and Innovative Best Practices Across Departments

*asterisk denotes reference to the Cabrillo College Strategic Plan

Who They Report To

College Planning Committee (CPC)

Link to Agendas and Minutes


Chair and Member Listing

For more information, visit OARC in BoardDocs.

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