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College Planning Committee (CPC)

Mission/Purpose Statement

CPC is the highest participatory governance committee at Cabrillo College and serves as the constituency recommending body to the president. This committee is responsible for the planning and oversight of all participatory governance committees that report to CPC, and is responsible for the review, evaluation and continuous improvement of the participatory governance process, procedures and committee structure. CPC is charged with the overall recommendations that come to the president regarding all institutional planning, strategic and focus planning, and all board policies and administrative procedures.


2018-19 Goals:

  1. Enhance assessment to support more accurate placement of incoming students [14-15, 15-16, and 16-17 carry over under Basic Skills Transformation Grant, Multiple Measures, and the CAI] *2.5.1
  2. Work with Strong Workforce Program on consistent advisory board information sharing from the college (ex. Guided Pathways awareness) *3.14
  3. Meet and comply with accreditation standards (in progress, planning agenda and recommendations, keep up with changes in accreditation policies and practice) (completed but ongoing) [14-15 carry over] *5.1
  4. Utilize the California Community College Chancellor's Office recommendations and systems updates (BSI/Equity/SSSP integration) (2.13) *5.7

CPC is the shared governance body responsible for reviewing and advising on:

  1. Mission/Vision Statements reviewed, and aligned with college input and accreditation standard updates – per CPC three year review cycle
  2. Develop liaison task force to the board and college constituencies regarding possible bond
  3. Review and recommend changes to board policy and administrative procedure
  4. Review and recommend Program Plan Resource Requests
  5. Review and recommend Institutional Planning documents, timelines and outcomes
  6. Review and recommend participatory governance goals and outcomes
  7. Review budgetary assumptions and recommendations

*asterisk denotes reference to the Cabrillo College Strategic Plan

Who They Report To

The College Planning Committee advises and makes recommendations to the President on college matters that are consistent with the college mission requiring broad institutional input in service to our students, the college, and community. CPC is the shared governance body responsible for overseeing and evaluating the following plans:

College Strategic Plan
June, 2015

Educational Master Plan
March 4, 2013
EMP Updated
June 8, 2015

2018 FMP Update
with Tech Support Plan

Approved 6/11/18
Revised 8/6/18

2017 Space Plan
Appendix to FMP
Approved 6/5/17

2015 FMP Update

2013 Facility Master Plan

Identifies short term ( three year ) goals and strategies to support student success Focuses on long term educational goals and objectives Focuses on facilities needs for the college


Meetings are generally held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 2 - 4 p.m. in SAC East 225. Special meetings will be called when needed. All meetings are open to the general college community.

Link to Agendas and Minutes


Chair and Member Listing

15 Total (14 voting members)

Additional Information

Communication Between the CPC and Other Planning Bodies of the College: The intent is to have as much transparency as possible. In the spirit of this intent, sharing of agendas and a summary of relevant planning topics from Cabinet and other bodies will be shared in advance or presented regularly to the CPC. Affected groups include: Cabinet, Instructional Council, Council on Instructional Planning, Administrative Leadership Team, and Component Manager Groups. See the Cabrillo College Decision Making Process and the Integrated Planning Process.

For more information, visit College Planning Committee Website

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