Minutes of Meeting


October 6, 2008




The regular monthly meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Sesnon House, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California on Monday,
October 6, 2008.  Chair Claudine Wildman opened the meeting in Open Session at 5:03 pm.  Roll was taken; present were Chair Claudine Wildman and Trustees Rebecca Garcia, John Leopold, Gary Reece, Al Smith, Katy Stonebloom, and Rachael Spencer.  Chair Wildman asked for Public Comments on Closed Session items.  There were no public comments.


Closed Session items were announced and the meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at 5:04 pm. Closed Session was adjourned at 5:35 pm.


During Closed Session, a reception was held for the Meritorious Service Award Recipients of 2008.






Chair Wildman called the Open Session to order at 5:43 pm.  Other board members present were Rebecca Garcia, John Leopold, Gary Reece, Al Smith, Rachael Spencer, Katy Stonebloom, and Student Trustee Gary Meyer.  Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.








Chair Wildman stated that there were two items to report out of Closed Session.  The Board voted unanimously to uphold the District’s administrative determination regarding student complaint appeal 08-09-02.  Chair Wildman reported that Hammel Green & Abrahamson presented a government code claim to the District.  She stated that because the claim was not presented within the time allowed by law, the claim was rejected as untimely without further action of the Board.







Meritorious Service Award Recipients

The Governing Board honored the recipients of the 2007-08 Meritorious Service Awards:  Rosemary Brogan, Floyd Younger Award; Rhodna Brown, John D. Hurd Award; Alta Northcutt, Billee Paul Award; Marko Realmonte, Student Leadership Award; and Donna Brough, Doug Brown, Evelyn Hirsch and Mary Solari, Meritorious Service Awards.


Special Guest Assemblyman John Laird

Assemblyman John Laird gave a brief overview of the budget during his six years in Sacramento, as it affected community colleges.  He focused on this year’s budget battle to fund Prop 98 and community colleges, and pass the State Budget.  Assemblyman Laird defined the Governor’s lottery proposal as a plan that legislators could not support.  He stated that the Governor may call the legislature back into session for tough budget decisions in November, noting that he will wrap up his service in seven weeks.  Assemblyman Laird stated that it had been an honor to serve in the legislature and his experience on the Board at Cabrillo had helped him with the knowledge needed to support community colleges.


Trustee Garcia asked if Assemblyman Laird had any advice for members of the Governing Board to help support community college issues.


Assemblyman Laird responded that it is most important to sit down with people, both legislators and the general public, and let them know how important community colleges are, especially in times when people are out of work and come back to school for training.


Chair Wildman echoed the thanks of her colleagues, noting that her friendship with Assemblyman Laird goes way back.  She expressed her sadness that he would no longer be in Sacramento as an advocate for community colleges but looked forward to having him back in the local community.







It was moved and seconded (Garcia/Stonebloom) to approve the Consent Agenda, including the minutes from the meeting of September 8, 2008, as presented.  Chair Wildman noted the replacement page for Item 5.f. Human Resources Report.  Trustee Leopold commented that the HR report reflected several retirements and expressed his appreciation for their years of service.


The motion carried with the following roll call vote:


AYES:          Garcia, Leopold, Reece, Smith, Spencer, Stonebloom, Wildman

NOES:          None

ABSENT:      None

ABSTAIN:      None


Student Trustee Advisory Vote:  Aye










There were no introductions of newly appointed staff.








Marilyn Garrett addressed the Board regarding the health hazards of wifi technology.  She read excerpts from reports regarding background electroradiation.









Board Members' Reports


Trustee Garcia reported that at the September 19-20 CCCT meeting, two of the key issues were opposition to Propositions 6 and 9 due to their language regarding funding, which could impact community college funding.


Chair Wildman reported that she attended a meeting of the college’s 50th Anniversary Committee and was looking forward to the celebration.






Student Trustee’s Report


Student Trustee Gary Meyer introduced several new Student Senators.  He stated that representatives from the Watsonville and Scotts Valley Centers are still needed, which would give them a full Student Senate.  Welcome Week has just been completed and the Senate is working on the two next social events, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  The Second Harvest Food Drive is also being planned.  Student Trustee Meyer and Student Senate President Rebeca Villafaña are working on policies regarding student body emergency funds and scholarship funds, and the Senate is busy assigning students to internal and external committees.  Many student clubs are underway; the Bike Coop is very successful with 108 members, outgrowing their space and looking for a new permanent home.








Superintendent’s Report


Superintendent/President Brian King thanked students Gary Meyer, Rebeca Villafana and Colter White for attending a Rotary meeting with him.  He noted that community members consider it a pleasure to spend time with students.  President King reported that he and several administrators will be attending an upcoming Green Community College Summit in Pasadena, and he and three trustees will be attending the annual ACCT conference in New York, where Trustee Garcia will be elected as a national board member, and Cabrillo will receive the Pacific Region Equity Award and be in the running for the national award.









Paul Harvell, CCFT President, addressed the Board in support of the space allocation process currently underway, noting that it has required a lot of work and dedication to make a way for a good feedback loop.  He provided the example of the space planner’s meeting with faculty with no restrictions placed on what could be requested in a completely open meeting.  He added that it takes much work to make it a good process; it can appear stressful but will be worthwhile.





Faculty Senate


Steve Hodges, Faculty Senate President, reported that faculty are generally pleased with the follow up to accreditation and the space allocation process, etc., and feel processes are moving forward.  He stated that the number one concern is the number of full time faculty and making progress on the 75/25 ratio; so far, there has been movement up to 67%.  He noted the need to be careful regarding the 50% law, and reported that eight faculty will be retiring, which could affect that balance.







Jill Gallo, reporting for Stephanie Stainback, CCEU President, thanked Vice President Ard and her staff for their hard work and thoughtful planning that put the college in a much better position than it could have been, given the economy.  On behalf of classified staff, she echoed Paul Harvell and Steve Hodges regarding the space allocation process and the difficulty of making everyone happy.  She stated that the final process needs to allow for appropriate physical work space for departments like Admissions and Records and Financial Aid.  Ms. Gallo stated that while she was relieved the State budget was now passed, the college was still in the position of having fewer classified people to do more work than last year with enrollment up by 6.5%.  With more students on campus, there are more applications to be processed by Admissions and Records, over 1,000 more applications to be processed by Financial Aid, and more classified work to be done all over campus.  Ms. Gallo noted that one challenge created by everyone working to the max was finding time to participate in shared governance and having the classified voice heard.  She is pleased to be participating on the Master Plan GAIT B Task Force and feels positive about the career ladder effort and the support for professional development.  Ms. Gallo reported that CCEU decided to become politically active, formed a PAC and endorses and supports Susan True for the Governing Board and John Leopold for County Supervisor.







Item 14. Academic Calendar 2009-2010

President King presented the recommendation that the Governing Board approve the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar.


Trustee Stonebloom asked about the length of each term, based upon comments in the Board evaluations.


Vice President Kilmer responded that there are 16 weeks in each main term, with a few overlapping registration days in winter/spring that make it difficult for Student Services.  She stated that the calendar is negotiated with the unions.


It was moved and seconded (Spencer/Garcia) to approve the 2009-2010 Academic Calendar.  The motion carried unanimously.









Item 15. Establishment of Cabrillo Global Education Center

President King presented the recommendation that the Governing Board approve the establishment of the Global Education Center as proposed, noting the replacement page.


Trustee Reece expressed his support for the plan, noting that the FTES reserve funds would be restored.  He asked if this sort of plan goes through the budget process, as the Board relies on knowing that the process has been followed.


President King responded that this plan and anything requiring funds goes through a thorough budget process that includes the College Planning Council.


Vice President Ard added that this plan was at least six months in the process.


Trustee Leopold stated that he liked the idea of the multilingual webpage and asked if some minimal English was expected of the students.


Vice President Chen responded yes, but the college would hopefully be providing some ESL.


Trustee Leopold asked about immigration matters.


Vice President Chen responded that the immigration service has clear regulations that each college must follow.


Marilyn Garrett expressed her opinion that the college’s wifi in each facility was inappropriate, and international students had a right to know and should be required to sign an informed consent form.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/Stonebloom) to approve the establishment of the Global Education Center as proposed for 2008-09.  The motion carried unanimously.





Item 16. Award of Bid:  Aptos Campus Signage Project – Garnett Sign Studio

President King presented the recommendation that the Governing Board authorize the Vice President, Business Services to contract with Garnett Sign Studio in the amount of $130,469 for the Aptos campus signage project.


Facilities Director Doug Deaver provided an overview of the signage project phasing.


It was moved and seconded (Smith/Reece) to authorize the Vice President, Business Services to contract with Garnett Sign Studio in the amount of $130,469 for the Aptos campus signage project.  The motion carried unanimously.









Item 17. 2008-09 Budget and Multi-Year Budget Planning Model Updates

Updates regarding the 2008-09 Budget and Multi-Year Budget Planning Model were presented for Governing Board information.


Vice President Ard reported that the college is barely at a balanced position for the current year.  The property tax shortfall is proposed to be backfilled at 80%; Vice President Ard stated that she is hopeful to set that aside in onetime funds.  She stated that discussions are being held with managers and CPC to position the college for midyear cuts, and for 2009-10 and 2010-11, noting that the college is in the unusual position of being over cap.  Vice President Ard stated that she will continue to bring reports back to the Board.


Trustee Garcia stated that as soon as the State Budget passed, she asked for a Board update.  She noted that in K-12, they have been told that up to 7% cuts are probable.  She asked what the college can expect.


Vice President Ard strongly advocated that the property tax backfill be set aside.  She added that a reduction in course offerings for the spring is being considered.  Vice President Ard stated that she will be attending a State Budget workshop on Thursday and will continue to keep this issue in front of the Board and college community.




2008-09 bUDGET AND



Item 18. 2009-2010 Budget Calendar

The 2009-2010 Budget Calendar was presented to the Governing Board for information.





Item 19. Board Policy Revisions:  Business Services, First Reading

Board Policies are presented as a first reading for Governing Board review and will return for action at the next Governing Board meeting.  Board Policy 4020: Use of Lottery Funds was presented for deletion; new Board Policies 4035: Budget Management and 4040: Fiscal Management were presented for review.








Item 20. Veteran Students and Their Dependents

A report regarding veteran students and their dependents was provided for Governing Board information.


Trustee Spencer stated that she was pleased to see that Cabrillo was forward thinking in this issue.  She noted that she would like more detail as one of the military recruiting techniques is to promise educational benefits and there are scandals about veterans not getting what they deserve.  Some time in the future, Trustee Spencer asked for a survey to show that veterans’ needs are being met.


Vice President Chen stated that Interim Director of Admissions and Records Masina Hunnicutt is taking further steps to identify veterans at the college.


Chair Wildman stated that in the past, Cabrillo had a relationship with the County Veterans’ Service. She asked that the new head of that department be contacted.


Trustee Reece asked if the Veterans’ Office is identified on the college webpage.


Vice President Chen responded that on returning from military service, they receive information about their educational benefits and it is promoted on the website.





Item 21. Annual Articulation Report

The Annual Articulation Report was provided to the Governing Board.


Trustee Garcia asked what other articulation agreements Cabrillo has besides through ROP.


Articulation Officer Mary Ellen Sullivan responded that she would provide more information on high school articulation agreements to the Board.






Item 22. College and Career Night 2008

Information regarding College and Career Night 2008 was provided to the Governing Board.


Trustee Spencer encouraged planning for a short November Board meeting to allow everyone to attend College and Career Night, asking everyone to keep their reports short if possible.


Chair Wildman reminded everyone that there would be no Special Presentation in November.


Trustee Garcia asked if there were data for results from College and Career Night.


Vice President Chen responded that most attendees come from outside to learn about Cabrillo and other college opportunities.


Dean Sesario Escoto added that the variables are vast but he can pose the question to the committee.


President King stated that the increasing number of participants shows the interest level; he stated that the outside organizations that come in could be surveyed.


Chair Wildman noted that the college might not know until later; she wondered if students could be asked if they attended College and Career Night when they apply.


Trustee Stonebloom suggested that questions be asked of attendees about how to get more information out into the community.  She asked if someone would be available to help the busloads from schools this year.


Vice President Chen responded that people will be available as tour guides for the buses this year.




NIGHT 2008



Item 23. Fall 2008 Flex Week Activities

A report on Fall 2008 Flex Week Activities was presented for Governing Board information.


Marilyn Garret stated that she attended a Flex Week activity some years ago regarding DNA and exposure to radiation sources.  She encouraged planning for a Flex Week activity to include a documentary by bioinitiative.org, which includes a report that came out last August on biological effects.







Item 24. Technology Plan Implementation Update

An update on the implementation of the Technology Plan was provided for Governing Board information.


Marilyn Garrett asked if this item concerned only telephones or if there were any wifi projects involved.


Trustee Reece objected to Ms. Garrett taking the Board’s time on another Board item regarding the same subject.  He left the meeting.


Associate Vice President Bob Owen responded that 35 wifi spots will be acquired as part of the telephone project.


Ms. Garrett asked who will look into the evidence that has been documented.  She stated that she knows students who are not attending Cabrillo due to this, and that school should be safe for everyone.


Trustee Smith suggested a 30 second limit on public comments if the same topic is addressed.


Ms. Garrett stated that would be discriminatory.


Trustee Stonebloom suggested that if new material is presented the three minute allowance should apply.





Item 25. Roof Repairs:  Buildings 2030 and 2550

A report regarding a bid awarded under the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting System was presented for Governing Board information.


Trustee Leopold asked why this item did not require a vote.


Vice President Ard responded that it fell under the Uniform Cost Accounting Code with prequalified vendors.




bUILDINGS 2030 AND 2550

Item 26. Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Project Status

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Project Status was provided for Governing Board information.


Trustee Garcia asked when the college would know the results of the LEED evaluation on the ITEC center.


Vice President Ard responded that the architect is evaluating the costs of the different LEED levels and the report will come back to the Board for approval.  She stated that the space planning process was very rigorous, noting that the college input would be available along with the space planner’s response. She acknowledged everyone’s participation in the effort.


Trustee Stonebloom asked if the Bike Coop’s request was being considered in the plan.


Vice President Ard responded that it is in the plan.






Item 27. Financial Reports

Financial reports through August 31, 2008, were presented to the Governing Board for information.


Trustee Leopold asked if the cafeteria was open in August, based on the financials.


Mr. Deaver responded that it was open part of August.




Item 28. Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar

The Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar for October 2008 was presented to the Governing Board for information.





Item 29. Agenda for Next or Future Board Meeting

The following items were requested for information, action or presentations:

• Board Ethics Training Policy

• Governing Board Goals






The regular meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 7:21 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,