Minutes of Meeting


November 5, 2007




The regular monthly meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Sesnon House, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California on Monday,
November 5, 2007.  Chair Rachael Spencer called the meeting to order in Open Session at 5:00 pm. Roll was taken; present were Chair Rachael Spencer and Trustees Rebecca Garcia, Gary Reece, John Leopold, Al Smith, Katy Stonebloom, and Claudine Wildman.  Chair Spencer asked for Public Comments on Closed Session items.  There were no public comments.


Closed Session items were announced and the meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at 5:01 pm.  Closed Session was adjourned at 5:32 pm.






Chair Spencer called the Open Session to order at 5:35 pm.  Other board members present were Rebecca Garcia, John Leopold, Gary Reece, Al Smith, Katy Stonebloom, Claudine Wildman and Student Trustee Jonathan Saad.  Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.








Chair Spencer stated that there was nothing to report out of Closed Session.







It was moved and seconded (Reece/Smith) to approve the Consent Agenda, including the minutes from the meeting of October 1, 2007, as presented.


The motion carried with the following roll call vote:


AYES:          Garcia, Leopold, Reece, Smith, Spencer, Stonebloom, Wildman

NOES:          None

ABSENT:      None

ABSTAIN:      None


Student Trustee Advisory Vote:  Aye


Chair Spencer suggested that due to the presence of special guests, the agenda be reordered, moving Items 6, 7 and 8 above Item 4.  There was agreement to reorder the agenda.










Engineering and Physics Programs

Engineering Program Chair Jo-Ann Panzardi and Physics faculty member Carlos Figueroa, along with three students, shared the success stories of current and former physics and engineering students.


Special Announcement of Major Contribution to Cabrillo Industrial Technology Education Center (ITEC)

President King was excited to introduce Dick and Mary Solari and announce their gift of $500,000 to the upcoming ITEC in Watsonville.  Mr. Solari commented that they have had a long relationship with Cabrillo.  All three of their daughters attended and many of their grandchildren.  They are pleased to be able to help.  President King stated that the donation will be an endowment for scholarships and programmatic needs.


Announcement of Cabrillo College Foundation as Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Organization of the Year

Linda Burroughs, Cabrillo College Foundation Board President, announced that the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce presented the Cabrillo College Foundation their Organization of the Year award. She acknowledged Foundation Director Melinda Silverstein and her hardworking staff, President Brian King, and the many volunteers and Foundation Board members that work to make the many Foundation programs successful.








Associate Vice President Bob Owen introduced new Network Administrator Ryan Andres.








Faculty members John Carruthers, Julie Edwards, Alice Rink, Debora Bone, Rob Edwards and Student Senate President Marko Realmonte addressed the Board in support of classified employees in the current negotiations with the District.  The following points were made:

  District offer of 2.5% versus CCEU stand for 3% is not that far apart at an estimated cost of $61K

  Faculty members cannot effectively teach without support of classified staff

  Faculty members greatly appreciate cheerful, over-and-above efforts of classified staff

  Cost of arbitrator to good will, morale (let alone funds) far outweighs $61K

  Classified employees set the tone of the college; usually the first contact for the public and they maintain the “students first” mantra

  Compared to staff at other colleges, commitment of classified employees at Cabrillo is special, to students, college and community

  ½% translates as dishonor and disrespect to classified and makes a significant difference to living in this county

  Students are strong supporters of classified staff; they have more long-term contact with classified staff than with instructors; students consider classified staff to be life’s blood of college

  Faculty support classified; at faculty negotiations table last year, inequity between full and part time was recognized and began to be addressed.  Same disparity exists for classified.  Hope that colleagues on the Board will recognize and address by bringing classified up closer to where faculty is.


Chair Spencer thanked everyone for coming and expressing their viewpoints.








Board Members' Reports


Trustee Leopold reported that he and President King attended an Aptos Chamber lunch presentation regarding support for Prop 92, which the Chamber then voted to endorse.  He stated that over the next couple weeks he will be out speaking in support of the proposition and if anyone is involved in a group, he would be pleased to come speak.


Trustee Garcia reported on her attendance at an October 18th Consultation Council meeting.  A recommendation regarding statewide assessment was addressed; a decision will be made in January by the BOG.  She brought a report by Nancy Shulock for Board distribution and encouraged members to read it.  Trustee Garcia reported that at Chancellor Diane Woodruff’s visit to Cabrillo on October 30th, she was pleased to present a Foundation check for $5,000 and President King’s personal donation for $500 to make sure Prop 92 passes.


Trustee Stonebloom thanked those involved in College and Career Night, especially long time supporter Billie Paul.  She noted that Aromas-San Juan had pooled funds to send a bus of elementary students and their parents. She hoped the meeting would end early enough for Board members to attend the activities.






Student Trustee’s Report


Student Trustee Jonathan Saad reported that Prop 92 is on the Student Senate’s radar and they are discussing how they will support it.  He reported that he and several students attended the Second Harvest Kick Off Luncheon with President King and it was fun and inspiring; students have set the huge goal of 30,000 pounds just for students to collect, and 20,000 for the rest of the college, a huge increase over last year.  He updated the Board on the Thanksgiving meals to be served and recruited volunteers.  Student Trustee Saad reported that the Student Senate passed two resolutions, one in support of the county’s waste ordinance and ban on styrofoam, and one in support of a textbook rental program.  He stated that he had heard of some non-support for the solar array project, mainly from the Horticulture area, and students would keep their concerns in mind but were still strongly supportive of the project moving forward.








Superintendent’s Report


Superintendent/President Brian King thanked everyone involved in College and Career Night.  He reported that on October 30th, Chancellor Diane Woodruff was on campus for the first stop of a statewide Prop 92 campaign tour and Trustee Garcia was pleased to be able to present the college’s donations to the effort.  Trustees Leopold and Wildman were also present.  President King noted that Prop 92 is off to a great start with Cabrillo’s Foundation funds and the Student Senate is planning to help.  He thanked the Board members for getting the word out, noting that Cabrillo is fortunate to have Trustee Garcia as Statewide CCCT President.  President King attended a luncheon in Watsonville with UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal where it was pointed out that Cabrillo is a great provider for the county and that there is an ongoing collaboration with UCSC.  Vice President Kilmer was also able to introduce Chancellor Blumenthal at the Statewide CIO meeting.  President King reported on his upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. as Cabrillo’s representative, being honored to share the success in workforce development.  He expressed his gratitude for the generosity of the Solaris and their focus on students.







Faculty Senate


Rory O’Brien, Faculty Senate President, reported that he attended the State Academic Senate Plenary session and thanked Trustee Garcia for bringing Nancy Shulock’s work back to the Board.  He urged Board members to learn about the research being done, stating that there was good information in the reports and scary trends.  Dr. O’Brien talked about the process of faculty prioritization, commenting that it was transparent and the process works well.  He was happy that CPC voted to fund 15 instructional positions, not counting the two counseling positions, but considered it heartbreaking that the hiring could not go further.  He stated that there were extremely compelling reasons to go to all 27 on the list, noting that the more full-time faculty, the better served students would be.  He stated that the 75/25 rule is a philosophical position as well as law, and the staffing summary shows that the college is losing ground.  Dr. O’Brien was pleased that the hiring of 17 takes the college over the Faculty Obligation Number (FON), but it does not meet the number in 2000, and there are more contact hours and more students.  He stated that from a faculty perspective, this is an admirable effort but nowhere near what is needed; 25 positions would not have been overboard.  Dr. O’Brien stated that seven positions were already in the budget from retirements or contracts and the two counseling positions are creatively financed, leaving only eight positions being newly funded.  He urged the Board to keep in mind the value of full-time faculty and to find a way to hire more, adding that there will be retirements and some programs will be shrinking to one full-time faculty member.  Dr. O’Brien added his voice of support to classified employees’ negotiations, stating that faculty are interested in harmonious relationships and need classified employees.







Stephanie Stainback, CCEU President, expressed her appreciation to the classified staff in attendance.  She stated that CCEU strongly supports the decision to fund 15 instructional and two counseling positions, noting that progress towards filling the 75/25 ratio costs money but is the right thing to do.  Ms. Stainback reported that she attended the Watsonville Symposium and was excited about the plans for the ITEC.  She looked forward to possibly partnering with the program to provide training and apprenticeships in the trades.  Ms. Stainback noted the lack of mention in the last Board minutes regarding the loss of college trades positions and hoped for inclusion this month.  Ms. Stainback stated that CCEU is supportive of Prop 92 and will work with CCFT to get an endorsement from the Central Labor Council.  She appreciated the opportunity to meet with Chancellor Woodruff at the October 30th luncheon and thanked President King for the invitation.  Ms. Stainback noted that classified staff is providing services for 904 more students this year than last; she asked that if Board members attend College and Career Night later in the evening, they stop by and thank them for keeping things running. Ms. Stainback expressed her discomfort at coming before the Board to discuss negotiations.  She stated that classified staff have never before been on the verge of declaring impasse in negotiations, but felt their attendance was necessary because the process itself had been flawed and the cost to both the District and the union in harmonious labor relations, especially for the amount of money involved, was not appropriate.  Ms. Stainback stated that CCEU asked the college to delay augmenting the base budget by $650K and augmenting one-time requests by $2M specifically because it might limit CCEU negotiations to a pre-determined figure.  She felt like that concern had validity.  Ms. Stainback reported that the District did put a 2.75% raise on the table but only after tying it to a retirement incentive take-away.  She stated that the retirement incentive would have come from one-time funds, which were abundant at one time this year, while the raise is ongoing, and the retirement incentive would pay for itself in slightly less than three years.  Ms. Stainback reiterated that the ½% raise costs $61K, compared it to consultant and entertainment costs for the year, and asked the Board to examine college priorities.  Ms. Stainback suggested if the District is interested in moving forward with Interest Based Bargaining with CCEU, before the next round of negotiations a commitment be made to share source documents and to reconcile figures that act as the basis of mutual understanding.  She suggested that step and column adjustments, money spent for newly created classified positions, reclassification expenses, and longevity and shift differential expenses have no place in the discussion at the negotiations table, as they are operating expenses that have already been accounted for in the budget and should not be presented as “classified expenses” which directly affect salary negotiations.  Ms. Stainback asked the Board to remember that CCFT made an unselfish decision to spend money to supplement adjunct pay and Program Chairs in lieu of taking a salary increase of more than 1.2%.  She reviewed the percentage raises for certificated and classified for the years 2001-02 through 2003-04, during which certificated received higher raises each year than classified.  She noted her support for CCFT receiving equitable raises but stated that CCFT and CCEU compensation packages will not always look the same.  Ms. Stainback reviewed the classified compensation and benefit increases currently settled by UCSC, City of Santa Cruz, City of Gilroy, County of Santa Cruz and many community colleges.  The minimum raise was 3% and increase to benefits packages; the maximum was 18% over 3 years.  Ms. Stainback stated that a 3% raise would move Cabrillo’s classified from 41st among California’s 72 community colleges to 36th, exactly midway.  She stated CCEU’s willingness to reenter negotiations and that they do not want to go to impasses.  Ms. Stainback assured the Board that CCEU does not want an adversarial labor relationship with the District and thanked them for any assistance they can provide.








Paul Harvell, CCFT President, reported that there would be a joint Flex Day activity on
February 6th from 5:00-7:00 pm for the Board, faculty and staff.  Regarding the budget revisions, Mr. Harvell stated that he thought the process was a good one and made from a shared governance perspective.  He hoped for more full-time faculty hires and to follow next year with at least as good an increase.  Mr. Harvell encouraged the District to reach an agreement with CCEU, commenting that it was worrisome to have classified staff ranked in the bottom half of the state when the difference being negotiated between the two sides was so small.  He added that faculty understands the method of trying to address the problem.







Item 15. Annual Organization Meeting:  Set Date and Time

Chair Spencer presented the recommendation that the Governing Board hold its annual Organization Meeting on Monday, December 3, 2007, at approximately 5:30 pm at the Sesnon House at Cabrillo College.


It was moved and seconded (Wildman/Stonebloom) to hold the Governing Board’s annual Organization Meeting on Monday, December 3, 2007, at approximately 5:30 pm at the Sesnon House at Cabrillo College.  The motion carried unanimously.






Item 16. Academic Staffing Priority Recommendation

Chair Spencer presented the recommendation that the Governing Board authorize the District to fill the first 15 academic positions from the presented list and two counseling positions.


Trustee Leopold commented that it is very difficult each year to not hire them all and he sincerely wished the college could do so.  He appreciated the process.


Trustee Stonebloom expressed her appreciation for the process and explained her previous misconception that the list was all additional positions, not partially replacements.  She asked if in coming years, the Board could see the item presented in such a way that would show the net gain/loss to keep the correct perspective.


It was moved and seconded (Leopold/Stonebloom) to authorize the District to fill the first 15 academic positions from the presented list and two counseling positions.  The motion carried unanimously.





Item 17. 2007-08 Budget Revisions

Chair Spencer presented the recommendation that the Governing Board adopt the recommendations of the College Planning Council and authorize the Vice President, Business Services to make the budget adjustments of $1,683,000 in One-Time Funds.


Trustee Leopold stated his appreciation that these proposed budget adjustments went through the shared governance process but commented that they did not necessarily reflect his priorities.  He noted the lack of designation of funds for a transportation plan, and reminded everyone how many students were affected by the bus strike of two years ago.  He stated that he would like to see an effort to fund a plan and reinforced the need for transportation planning.


Trustee Reece suggested that there could be grant funds available for transportation planning. He was pleased with the recognition of funds to mark the 50th anniversary celebration, which will help in soliciting donations.  He respected the process and was especially pleased by the 5% general reserve fund.


Trustee Garcia asked about the different figures between the CPC recommendations and the Cabinet proposal, especially for new facility start up and retiree liability.


President King responded that after the CPC meeting, new funding sources, such as the FTES reserve, were considered, but also other strategies, such as partially funding the Tech Plan for two more years were developed.  Start up costs have a two year phase in so that could be split and the retiree liability has a wide variance to consider.


Trustee Garcia asked if these one-time budget revisions have any impact on negotiations.


Vice President Ard responded that the District has funds set aside for negotiations.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/Smith) to adopt the recommendations of the College Planning Council and authorize the Vice President, Business Services to make the budget adjustments of $1,683,000 in One-Time Funds.  The motion carried unanimously.






Item 18. Revisions to Board Policy 1105:  Cabrillo College Governing Board Code of Ethics and Enforcement, Third Reading

President King presented the recommendation that the Governing Board approve the proposed revisions to Board Policy 1105: Cabrillo College Governing Board Code of Ethics and Enforcement.


It was moved and seconded (Garcia/Saad) to approve the proposed revisions to Board Policy 1105: Cabrillo College Governing Board Code of Ethics and Enforcement. 


Following discussion, the motion makers agreed to amend the motion to include the following revisions:

“9. Avoid any situation that may constitute a conflict of interest.  Inform the entire Board and the public or the Board Chairperson when a matter under consideration might involve or appear to involves such a conflict.”, and under Enforcement, second paragraph, third sentence, “The committee shall be guided in its inquiry by the standards set forth in the this Code of Ethics. As defined in policy.  The motion carried unanimously.








Item 19. Board Policy Revisions: Business Services, Second Reading

Chair Spencer presented the recommendation that the Governing Board approve the revisions to Board Policy 4130 and new Board Policy 4125.


It was moved and seconded (Stonebloom/Leopold) to approve the revisions to Board Policy 4130 and new Board Policy 4125.  The motion carried unanimously.







Item 20. Contract Increase:  Construction Management Services for Student Activities Center Project (Bogard+Kitchell)

Chair Spencer presented the recommendation that the Governing Board authorize the Vice President, Business Services to increase the contract amount to Bogard+Kitchell for the Student Activities Center project by $150,000.


Trustee Reece confirmed that this amount will be included in the claim against the contractor causing the delay.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/Garcia) to authorize the Vice President, Business Services to increase the contract amount to Bogard+Kitchell for the Student Activities Center project by $150,000.  The motion carried unanimously.








Item 21. Classified Prioritization Process Overview and Update

A Classified Prioritization Process overview and update was provided to the Governing Board.


Trustee Stonebloom asked if there was a place in the process to analyze the cost of hiring positions versus contracting out, especially with trades positions and the new facilities coming up.


Vice President Ard responded that the Director of Maintenance and Operations takes those factors into consideration as part of his justifications for new positions, and will be submitting some for shared governance consideration.


Trustee Leopold requested a report on what is spent on contracting out.  He appreciated the staffing summary report and noted that the number of hourly employees has decreased, but given the recent information on the cutback on trades positions, he was interested to learn how much the college spends on contracting out for that type of work.









Item 22. College Staffing Summary

A College Staffing Summary was provided to the Governing Board for information.





Item 23. Preliminary Planning Process for New Facilities

A report regarding the preliminary planning process for new facilities was provided to the Governing Board for information.





Item 24. Report on Evaluating Language Competency for Faculty

A report on evaluating language competency for faculty was provided to the Governing Board for information.


Trustee Garcia thanked Faculty Senate President Rory O’Brien for recommending the process begin in Human Resources.  She asked about the decision making process for the proposed questionnaire.


Vice President Ard responded that HR Director Loree McCawley and Rory O’Brien would develop the questionnaire.


Trustee Garcia asked that she be shown the questionnaire.


Trustee Stonebloom thanked staff for bringing the issue back and stated that the questionnaire would be a self-assessment of a candidate’s skills, but noted that somewhere in the process there needed to be a verbal verification of skill level.






Item 25. Board Policy Revisions:  Business Services, First Reading

Revisions to Board Policies pertaining to Business Services were provided for Governing Board review. Board Policies will return for a second reading and action at the next Governing Board meeting. 


Revise               BP 4030                        Budget Preparation

Revise               BP 4150                        Bids and Contracts (new provisions since submitted
                                                            in October 2007)

New                  BP 4155                        Construction Change Orders


Trustee Reece expressed concern about BP 4155: Change Orders, noting that 10% of a $6M construction contract could be a large figure.  He suggested that there be an amount established in addition to the percentage.


Vice President Ard responded that the policy was developed prescriptively with an attorney, not by the League model.


Facilities Office Director Doug Deaver stated that the reference to the Public Contract Code established the amount, currently at approximately $70K.


Trustee Wildman suggested that BP 4030: Budget Preparation be changed to tie the general reserve amount to the current Chancellor’s Office recommendation instead of 5%.


Trustee Stonebloom suggested that BP 4150: Contracts could formalize a preference for locally owned businesses.


Trustee Reece clarified that the college can solicit local businesses but must contract with the lowest bidders.


Trustee Wildman suggested “wherever possible, outreach to local contractors.”






Item 26. Fall 2007 Census Enrollment Comparison

The Fall 2007 Census Enrollment Comparison was provided to the Governing Board for information.


Trustee Leopold stated that there was a lot of good information in the report.  He noted that the decrease in the Watsonville Center head count was an area for concern.


Vice President Chen responded that both Watsonville high school principals expressed interest in moving their students to the Aptos campus, with the perception of a more academic environment.  She was trying to persuade them to encourage their students to attend the local campus.


Trustee Garcia asked if any training regarding concurrent students had been provided for principals.


Vice President Chen responded that she met with them all and some had different interpretations; some encourage their students but some would rather keep them on campus.


Student Trustee Saad suggested that enhancing community outreach in Watsonville would be successful as many do not know the campus is there.  Other strategies would be to make it possible to get an AA or AS there without having to come to the Aptos campus, and offer vocational education courses.


Watsonville Center Director Rachel Mayo stated that the enrollment figures reflected a snapshot on census day, which did not include the many late-start classes offered at the Center.  She noted that students are also taking more units.  She offered to take a look at the end of semester numbers for a more accurate reflection of Watsonville Center numbers.




Item 27. Articulation Annual Report

The annual Articulation Report was provided to the Governing Board for information.


Trustee Leopold expressed his appreciation for the work done by the Articulation Office.  He was impressed by all the different outreaches and benefits to students.  He asked to see transfer numbers soon as a good follow up report.


Trustee Wildman reported that CSUMB is going to offer a Master’s degree in social work.  She asked if Cabrillo was engaged in the conversation and stated that she would forward any information she receives to Vice President Kilmer.


Trustee Garcia stated that she was pleased to see the Honors Program courses accepted by UCSC.  She asked for a list of the courses.  She asked about the district representation at the second annual Cabrillo Connection for Success.


Dean Margery Regalado-Rodriguez responded that many counselors from all the high schools attended; it was a very popular training.





Item 28. Recent Grant Applications Submitted by the Instruction Office

A summary of grant applications submitted by the Instruction Office was presented for Governing Board information.  An application was submitted for a Digital Bridge Academy Math and Science Curriculum grant.




Item 29. Technology Plan Implementation Update

An update on the implementation of the Technology Plan was provided to the Governing Board for information.





Item 30. Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Project Status Report

The monthly status report regarding current Facilities Master Plan projects was provided to the Governing Board for information.





Item 31. Update of 2008-2011 College Master Planning Process

An update of the 2008-2011 College Master Planning Process was presented to the Governing Board for information.


Trustee Garcia reported that she mentioned to the State’s Vice Chancellor that Cabrillo has aligned its goals to the System goals for its next master plan.  He was pleased and noted that it was the intent of the System plan.  Trustee Garcia asked about a first reading on the timeline, noting that Board members would need a chance to review the CMP before the scheduled adoption date in June 2008.


President King responded that the draft plan will hopefully be fairly complete in March and there will be time for review.






Item 32. Financial Reports

Financial reports through September 30, 2007, were presented to the Governing Board for information.




Item 33. Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar

The Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar for November 2007 was presented to the Governing Board for information.





Item 34. Agenda for Next or Future Board Meeting

The following items were requested for information, action or presentations:

• Transfer Report and Advisory Meeting Dates

Watsonville Outreach

• AB194: Basic Skills

• Report on 75/25 and 50% Law

• Children’s Center Update

• Update on Cabrillo’s HSI Progress

• Honors Courses






The open session of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 7:45 pm.  Closed Session was reconvened at 7:50 pm and adjourned at 8:59 pm.  Chair Spencer announced that there was nothing to report out of Closed Session.  The regular meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 9:00 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,