Minutes of Meeting


December 8, 2008




The Governing Board of the Cabrillo Community College District held a Study Session at the Sesnon House, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California on Monday, December 8, 2008.  Chair Claudine Wildman opened the session in Open Session at
4:04 pm.  Roll was taken; present were Chair Claudine Wildman and Trustees Rebecca Garcia,
Gary Reece, Katy Stonebloom, Rachael Spencer, Al Smith and newly elected member Susan True.  Dr. Jane Wright of the Community College League of California was present to discuss Board Policies and Administrative Procedures, and the services offered by the League.  The Study Session ended at 5:01 pm.






The regular monthly meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Sesnon House, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California on Monday,
December 8, 2008.  Chair Claudine Wildman opened the meeting in Open Session at 5:02 pm.  Roll was taken; present were Chair Claudine Wildman and Trustees Rebecca Garcia,
Gary Reece, Katy Stonebloom, Rachael Spencer, Al Smith and newly elected member Susan True.  Chair Wildman asked for Public Comments on Closed Session items.  There were no public comments.


Closed Session items were announced and the meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at
5:02 pm. Closed Session was adjourned at 5:28 pm.  Chair Wildman called the Open Session to order at 5:33 pm. 






The Honorable William M. Kelsay swore in re-elected Board members Rebecca Garcia, Rachael Spencer, and Katy Stonebloom, and newly elected Board member Susan True.








Board members present were Chair Claudine Wildman, Trustees Rebecca Garcia, Gary Reece,
Al Smith, Rachael Spencer, Katy Stonebloom, Susan True and Student Trustee Gary Meyer. 
Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.


Trustee Garcia presented Chair Wildman with a plaque recognizing her year of leadership as Chair of the Governing Board.


Chair Wildman stated that it had been a pleasure to serve the community and college.








Chair Wildman stated that the Board denied Zolman Synergy’s government code claim on the grounds that it is untimely and without merit.


Chair Wildman stated that the Board learned of CCEU’s withdrawal of the salary reopener from negotiations.  She expressed the Board’s appreciation.







It was moved and seconded (Garcia/Stonebloom) to approve the Consent Agenda, including the minutes from the meeting of November 3, 2008, as presented.  Chair Wildman stated that she would abstain from voting on Item 3.j. Options for Recovery, due to potential conflicts with her employment.


The motion carried with the following roll call vote:


AYES:          Garcia, Reece, Smith, Spencer, Stonebloom, True, Wildman

NOES:          None

ABSENT:      None

ABSTAIN:      True on Minutes; Wildman on 3.j.


Student Trustee Advisory Vote:  Aye









Vice President May Chen introduced two appointments from the November Board meeting.  Leah Hlavaty is the new Admissions and Records Technology Specialist and Nicole Dunne, the new Interim Assistant Director of Admissions and Records.









Marilyn Garrett spoke to the Board regarding the health hazards of wifi technology and read excerpts from a letter.  She invited everyone to attend a free neighborhood meeting on Wednesday in Corralitos regarding the adverse impacts.


Mort Marcus, instructor emeritus from Cabrillo, spoke to the Board regarding the impending budget crisis.  He encouraged the Board to not let people go due to the impact on county-wide revenues.  He suggested shortening the work week to help people keep their jobs and keep county revenues coming in.


Elizabeth Schilling, Live Oak Family Resource Center Director, expressed her appreciation for Cabrillo’s support of English language learners, noting that their missions overlap in trying to create a college-going community.  Ms. Schilling presented Vice President May Chen with a certificate of appreciation for her specific outreach efforts in the Live Oak community.  A Live Oak parent thanked Student Senate President Rebeca Villafana for her efforts, presenting her with a certificate.


Debora Bone welcomed the returning trustees and new trustee Susan True.  She thanked them for serving Cabrillo at a difficult time, and expressed concern regarding categorically funded programs.  She stated that while the State was talking about block grants, she came to appeal for restraint and fairness for categorical programs.  She asked for a college commitment to continue to allocate funds to categorical programs as in the past.  She was concerned to note in the budget reduction strategies a call for categorical programs to become self-supporting.  Dr. Bone stated that the programs are already stretched thin and asked for any budget reductions for categorical programs to be no deeper than general fund programs.  She commented that other colleges are not cutting so soon and encouraged more of a wait-and-see approach.


Deborah Shulman, Learning Disabilities Specialist, stated that she received a March 15th notice in 2003 and was concerned about the same type of unnecessary occurrence again.  She stated that the demoralizing scars do not go away, and affect staff, faculty and students deeply.  She encouraged waiting for more budget news, as she heard that other colleges were not moving forward with these kinds of cuts.


Margaret Pierce, Division Coordinator for the HASS Division, stated that she will be retiring at the end of the semester after 16 years at Cabrillo.  She commented that she has gone through probably four budget crises in her time at the college and each time, there was talk about work plans and reducing services commensurate with reduced personnel.  She never saw a completed work plan.  Ms. Pierce felt the term “transparency” had become overused and meaningless within shared governance.  She stated that she was beginning to feel that Cabrillo was being reorganized from the top down with no input from classified personnel, and wondered if it was time to sit down together and figure it out.


Leah Hlavaty, on behalf of the HASS Division, spoke to the Board regarding the hiring freeze and the effect on the Division Office of filling vacant positions by out of class personnel at the 50% level.  She asked that Cabinet go back and look at the positions for recruitment.








Honors Program Coordinator Donna Mekis provided an overview of the Cabrillo Honors Transfer Program.  The Honors Transfer Program report was also provided for Governing Board information.  Three students spoke in support of the Honors Transfer Program.


Trustee Garcia commented that the program was showing great success.  She noted that the program went through an approval process and asked what criteria were involved, and if instructors are given professional development to teach honors courses.


Ms. Mekis responded that the courses involve additional and more sophisticated texts, more writing and research, and more sources for papers. She stated that the course description is the same but the writing and research are increased, and faculty are dialoguing about this.  Instructor Michael Mangin spoke to the faculty, and after the first semester, students were asked.  Most said the courses were what they expected.


Trustee True stated that through an 18-year old friend, the word on the street is that the courses are difficult.  She added that she was thrilled with the demographics of the courses and hoped it would increase.


Trustee Stonebloom echoed Trustee True’s comment regarding the demographics and was pleased the recruiting was representative of the college.  She noted that it reflects the success rate and scaffolding around students, and the honors program is an astonishing achievement.


Chair Wildman thanked Ms. Mekis and the students, noting that the Board loves to hear students’ perspectives.









Board Members' Reports


Trustee Stonebloom thanked the students for the two Thanksgiving dinners, noting that she attended the Watsonville Center event.  She expressed her appreciation for the support from food services.


Trustee Garcia reported that she attended the annual CCLC Convention in Anaheim in November, noting that it was the best program and workshops in 16 years.  Two of the workshops she attended, Development of Leadership (at almost no cost) and Budget Negotiation, were especially excellent and she will share the materials with the appropriate administrators.


Chair Wildman acknowledged President King’s absence, due to a memorial for his brother-in-law.  She also acknowledged the passing of long time faculty member Holt Murray.  Chair Wildman attended a recent CalWORKS conference, noting the attendance of Fast-Track-To-Work staff Dena Taylor and Catherine Lachance.  She also attended the first budget Town Hall meeting, and expressed her appreciation to all those who came out for that.  Chair Wildman reported that she attended a Cabinet meeting and thanked the Foundation for the holiday party acknowledging donors.






Student Trustee’s Report


Student Trustee Gary Meyer reported that the Student Senate was able to fund two more ASCC grants, for the Opera and Native American speakers, and was now trying to work on funding further grants for Puente.  He reported that two senators went to the CCLC Convention in Anaheim, where President King sat on a panel regarding raising money for colleges and Dean Margery Regalado-Rodriguez sat on another panel, which he heard was very good.  Student Trustee Meyer reported that the Senate is now looking at sending senators to the Sacramento Legislative conference and the Second Harvest Food Drive is well underway.








Superintendent’s Report


Superintendent/President Brian King was absent.







Paul Harvell, CCFT President, noted that there would be a Board/faculty/staff get together on the Wednesday evening of Flex Week.  He addressed the Board regarding the issue of cutting 150 teaching units from the Spring Schedule, which is the equivalent of 10 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) faculty.  He asked why the college continues to treat faculty as day laborers, stating that it is difficult for him to participate in the process that hires faculty and now participate in the process that fires them.  Mr. Harvell expressed concern over a system with such budget uncertainty, when this year’s budget is still unknown, next year’s budget will not be known for a year or more, and yet decisions regarding “pink slips” need to be made in the next month or so.  He was concerned about the opportunity for error in handing out pink slips to either side, too little, too much, and the damage in different ways.





Faculty Senate


Steve Hodges, Faculty Senate President, reported that the last Faculty Senate meeting of the semester was recently held.  As a member of the Budget Reductions Task Force, he reported that a website was set up to collect new ideas from the college community.  It is turning out that most suggestions are clearly impossible and indicative of a lack of understanding of the budget, so it will be used as a way to educate the college community.  Ideas are still welcome at cabrillocommons.org .  The committee will vet the ideas and turn them over to the appropriate component(s).







Stephanie Stainback, CCEU President, gave a special welcome to new trustee Susan True and expressed her appreciation to Chair Wildman for her leadership during the year.  She welcomed Trustee Garcia coming in as Chair for 2009.  Ms. Stainback reported that there was a large degree of anxiety among Cabrillo employees and she would love to see the Board help come up with a very specific plan on how the cuts will be made.  She expressed the need for communication with the college community and stated that so far, the plans seemed to be lacking substance. 
Ms. Stainback stated that the plan should be developed by the Board, Cabinet, and constituent leadership in a collaborative process with strong leadership, otherwise it could be long and divisive.  She stated that if CPC is to be the final shared governance body for the decisions, there should be an outside facilitator or she was concerned the decision process could implode. 
Ms. Stainback encouraged creative problem solving to keep service levels the same.  She expressed concern if reorganization from the top down was underway because it would involve more work absorption by others who have already reached maximum.  She requested an informed process and involvement by those who would be impacted. Ms. Stainback stated that the union’s number one negotiation priority is maintenance of health benefits, acknowledging that CCEU withdrew salary reopeners from the table.  She noted that it is now month six without a carpenter for the college.







Item 13. Resolution 041-08:  Authorization of Temporary Transfer of Available Funds from the Santa Cruz County Treasurer

Chair Wildman presented the recommendation that the Governing Board adopt Resolution 041-08 and authorize the temporary transfer of available funds from the Santa Cruz County Treasurer.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/Spencer) to adopt Resolution 041-08 and authorize the temporary transfer of available funds from the Santa Cruz County Treasurer.  


The motion carried with the following roll call vote:


AYES:          Garcia, Reece, Smith, Spencer, Stonebloom, True, Wildman

NOES:          None

ABSENT:      None

ABSTAIN:      None


Student Trustee Advisory Vote:  Aye





Resolution 041-08:

authorization of temporary transfer of available funds from the santa cruz county treasurer




Item 14. 2008-09 Mid Year Budget Reductions and 2009-10 Budget Reductions Strategies

The replacement page for the item was noted.  The 2008-09 Mid Year Budget Reductions and
2009-10 Budget Reduction Strategies were provided for Governing Board information.


Vice President Ard stated her hope that something would come out of that day’s special legislative session.  She stated that the item as submitted represents the best thinking and planning parameters based on what is known to-date, and she will update the Board as more definitive information is received.  The strategy is to try to get through this year as quickly as possible; if it is necessary to recommend the layoff of classified or faculty positions, every effort will be made to strategically move into the March Board meeting, knowing that the strategies will be revisited continually.  Vice President Ard stated that they will also be working with the Budget Subcommittee of the Board.


Trustee Reece applauded President King, Vice President Ard and the CPC for their planning efforts.  In deference to the speakers, he believed the worst thing would be to assume that nothing is going to happen and to do no planning.  He reviewed the issues of diminished property values and state revenues and the impact on community colleges.  Trustee Reece commented that looking at 2009-10 budgets, colleges will be in bigger trouble than people think and it will go worse if people have not taken the time to be prepared, even though it may be difficult to handle layoff notices that are not acted upon.  Trustee Reece expressed concern about utilizing so much of the college’s one-time funds to cover this year, which will make next year worse.  He noted that the college has little control over most of this situation and he expected the next two years to be even tougher.


Trustee Garcia agreed with Trustee Reece, stating that the college must plan for difficult decisions.  She stated that she receives almost daily updates from the League and noted that everything will be on table.  She stated that she attended a workshop by the law firm Liebert & Cassidy regarding preparation for negotiations and options available to minimize layoffs.  She gave the information to Vice President Ard.


Trustee Stonebloom expressed her appreciation to everyone who gave input, noting that budget actions hit directly on the purpose of the institution.  She stated that the Board takes the issue very seriously and encouraged everyone to keep thinking from the student perspective, as all cuts hit students and the college cannot deliberately turn students away, particularly those the college has worked so hard to include.  Trustee Stonebloom expressed concern regarding categorical programs, as many are there to support students with the greatest needs.  She asked that when calculations are done to compute “self-supporting”, the continued funds they bring to the college be remembered.


Trustee Spencer commented that students are feeling insecure about the situation, as well as faculty and staff.






Item 15. Temporary Board Budget Committee

Governing Board Chair Claudine Wildman opened the discussion to appoint a temporary Board Budget Committee, in accordance with Board Policy 1170.  She stated that the Board recognizes that it is difficult for people to look at themselves or their own programs, and this is an opportunity for the Board to step up in a stronger leadership role in facilitating the budget process and helping to make hard decisions.  In preparation and without violating the Brown Act, Chair Wildman stated that she did contact fellow Board members in a struggle to recognize the shared governance process and understand the depth of the need.


Trustee Garcia stated that she heard the word “transparency” a couple times in tonight’s discussion.  She noted that she sits on the CCCT Board and the majority are reporting that their districts are doing the same type of planning but not with the same transparency.  There are no town hall meetings, no website, no emails; plus President King will be setting up times and meetings in various areas for people to come talk to him.  Trustee Garcia thanked Chair Wildman for the plan to set up the Budget Committee, perceiving it to be similar to when the Board was involved with the College Master Plan.  She stated that the Board needs to be involved in reviewing data and making difficult recommendations to the Board.  She suggested that any three veteran members of the Board would be suitable candidates.  She nominated Rachael Spencer as a business woman who knows finances and budgets and is an independent thinker.


Trustee Stonebloom applauded the efforts to be nimble and responsive to circumstances beyond the college’s control, but she had trouble with the idea of the Board appointing a committee.  She could not see how individuals would operate without seeing the whole process, where information would originate to come to the Board.  Trustee Stonebloom stated that she heard and agreed with
Ms. Stainback’s comments about process, that the college has historically made the best decisions when the broadest, most inclusive process is used.  She stated that CPC may not be the best body for this issue, maybe something different and broader is needed this time, such as each component and constituency appointing members.  She stated that she had not heard a clearly established need for a Board committee.


Chair Wildman stated that one idea is to have this committee mimic the Facilities Committee and bring information back to the Board.  Another is to have a smaller version of the CPC where the three constituencies and managers, confidentials, etc., meet, or anything in between.  She stated that the Facilities Committee operates on information given to them by Vice President Ard and Facilities Director Deaver.


Trustee Reece stated that he is on the Facilities Committee, which was formed due to the huge amount of work going on.  The Committee meets for an hour or two, which gives members an opportunity to do more in depth questioning in their areas of expertise.  He felt that would be the value of the Budget Committee, in working with the Brown Act, to have an opportunity for in depth information, and for the other Board members to know that this is being done.


Trustee True stated that in the critical month of March, she will want to know that the Board has been informed exactly how the budget cuts will impact students, both long and short term.  She will also want to know that the process has been inclusive enough that however difficult the decisions have been, the least disruption of service and angst can be carried out.


Trustee Smith stated that sitting on the Facilities Committee, no decisions were made.  Two goals were achieved:  one, staff was forced to think through and present information.  Until then, information ebbs and flows, this forces staff to set it up.  Two, questions were placed that required staff to determine if they had all the information required to make a decision.  Trustee Smith stated that he would anticipate a committee where information is gathered and requested, not where decisions or even recommendations are made.


Trustee Stonebloom agreed the Facilities Committee worked well but felt this was a different situation that affects every employee.  She was concerned that confidence in the process might be sacrificed and it might be perceived as restricting the flow of information rather than opening it up.


Chair Wildman asked if she was recommending not having the committee.


Trustee Stonebloom responded that it might not have the expected outcome and might be counterproductive.


Trustee Garcia stated that comparing the option to a mini-CPC should not be construed to take away from CPC; each group will still be involved through CPC or their own processes.  She perceived the committee as people requesting data, being creative in looking for options; she supported having a Budget Committee of the Board, stating that it would make her a more informed member of the Board.


Chair Wildman stated that a compromise would be to appoint three members of the Board to the Budget Committee.  They will then discuss their process and can bring in staff for review.


Student Trustee Meyer asked if the meetings will be closed or public.


Chair Wildman responded that scheduling will have to work around trustee schedules.  She appointed Trustees Gary Reece, Rachael Spencer and Susan True to the Budget Committee of the Board.


Trustee Reece expressed his willingness under the proviso that he is open to hear from anyone and will report back on whether it is working.







Item 16. Revised Administrative Regulation 5105C: Adjunct Faculty Search and Selection Procedures

Revisions to Administrative Regulation 5105C: Adjunct Faculty Search and Selection Procedures were provided to the Governing Board for information.


REVISIONS TO ar 5105c:



Item 17. Thanksgiving Dinner Sponsored by the ASCC Student Senate

A report regarding the 2008 Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored by the ASCC Student Senate was provided for Governing Board information.





Item 18. College and Career Night 2008

A follow up report regarding the College and Career Night 2008 was provided for Governing Board information.




NIGHT 2008


Item 19. International Student Delegations Program – Annual Report

The annual report regarding the International Student Delegations Program was provided for Governing Board information.






Item 20. College Master Plan Update

An update on the College Master Plan was provided for Governing Board information.






Item 21. Cabrillo College Fact Book, 2008

The Cabrillo College Fact Book, 2008, was provided to the Governing Board under separate cover.  It is also available for review at http://www.cabrillo.edu/services/pro .


Trustee Garcia pointed out that the percentage of Hispanic faculty does not match the student demographics.


Trustee Stonebloom expressed concern regarding students assessing into ESL classes and lower level English classes.  It was noted that there are alarming statistics regarding students’ college readiness coming out of high school.


Vice President Kilmer reported that the Emerging Scholars program will be expanding with additional counseling, revamping of curriculum, additional professional development, additional tutorials, team teaching, and teaching methodologies.  There will be Basic Skills Initiatives funds to help cover the costs.


Dr. Craig Hayward noted that better coding is now in effect for progress through the ESL sequence that will show up in the ARCC report.


Trustee Garcia expressed her appreciation for the work on the Fact Book, noting that it was easier to research than before.


Chair Wildman appreciated the addition of the KPIs.






Item 22. Technology Plan Implementation Update

An update on the implementation of the Technology Plan was provided for Governing Board information.


Associate Vice President Owen reported that the plan is right on track and making extraordinary progress.  He noted that his staff is working 12-14 hour days and he publicly acknowledged them.





Item 23. Quarterly Investment Report

The quarterly investment report for the quarter ending September 30, 2008, was presented to the Governing Board for information.


Vice President Ard noted that Santa Cruz is doing better than other counties and she is watching it every day.


Trustee Reece commented that it was half what it was a few years ago.


Chair Wildman reported that the Foundation investments have not been immune and the Foundation has had to lay off a staff person.





Item 24. Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Project Status

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) Project Status was provided for Governing Board information.


Included were reports regarding the following awards of informal bids under the Uniform Construction Cost Accounting System (UCC):

  Campus Wide Motor Replacement Project to Geo H. Wilson in the amount of $27,857

  Watsonville Library Demolition Project to Randazzo Enterprises in the amount of $100,500

  Building Restroom Refurbish to Cen-Con Inc. in the amount of $65,820.






Item 25. Financial Reports

Financial reports through October 31, 2008, were presented to the Governing Board for information.




Item 26. Agenda for Next or Future Board Meeting

The following items were requested for information, action or presentations:

• EOPS Successes





Item 27. Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar

The Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar for December 2008 was presented to the Governing Board for information.







Item 29. Board Organization Meeting

Chair Wildman presented the recommendation that the Governing Board elect its officers, appoint its representatives, and set its meeting dates and times for 2009.  She noted the replacement page for the item.


It was moved and seconded (Smith/Reece) to approve the meeting dates and times for 2009 as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.


It was moved and seconded (Spencer/Smith) to nominate and approve for 2009 Rebecca Garcia as Chair; Gary Reece as Vice Chair; Katy Stonebloom as Clerk; Rebecca Garcia as the Board representative to the EOPS Advisory Committee; and Katy Stonebloom as the Board representative to the Transfer Center Advisory Committee.  The motion carried unanimously.


Trustee Smith thanked Chair Wildman for her year of service, noting that she showed a lot of creativity, hard work and patience.  He stated that it was always interesting to see how each trustee stepped up to take on the position of Chair, and Ms. Wildman had done an exemplary job.


Trustee Stonebloom echoed Trustee Smith’s comments, stating that Chair Wildman spent a tremendous amount of time and showed a lot of creativity.







The open session of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 7:48 pm.  The meeting of the Cabrillo College Financial Corporation was called to order at 7:50 pm and adjourned at 7:52 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,