Minutes of Meeting


July 10, 2006




The regular monthly meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Sesnon House, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California on Monday, July 10, 2006. Chair Alan Smith opened the meeting in Open Session at 5:32 pm.Roll was taken; present were Chair Al Smith and Trustees Rebecca Garcia, John Leopold, Gary Reece, Rachael Spencer, and Claudine Wildman.Trustee Katy Stonebloom was absent.Chair Smith asked for Public Comments on Closed Session items. There were no public comments.


Closed Session items were announced and the meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at 5:33 pm.Chair Smith called the Open Session to order at 6:50 pm.






Other board members present were Rebecca Garcia, John Leopold, Gary Reece, Rachael Spencer, and Claudine Wildman.Trustee Katy Stonebloom was absent.Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.








Chair Smith stated that there was nothing to report out of Closed Session. He stated that the Board would return to Closed Session at the end of the Open Session, but he did not anticipate anything to report out.







Item 4. Presidentís Expanded Performance Evaluation

Board Policy 2080 states that the Governing Board shall evaluate and assess in writing the performance of the President at least once each year, with an expanded performance evaluation at least once every three years, and during the first two years of employment.The Governing Board reviewed and discussed the evaluation process.


Chair Smith stated that he requested this item for discussion of implementation of AR 2080, which calls for an expanded evaluation of the president after the first two years.He stated that AR 2080 was last revised in 1995, not as fresh as the 2001 version of AR 2090 which should parallel it for administrators/managers.As it is not up to the Board to revise Administrative Regulations, Chair Smith proposed two things:since the timeline on the current AR 2080 does not match current needs, modify it slightly and use the process with the changed timeline, and talk to the college about updating AR 2080 independently of the current process underway.He noted that the update process of AR 2090 took 6-9 months.


Chair Smith reviewed his proposed date revisions noting that the current AR 2080 timeline starts February 15, taking 135 days through the spring.Since President Kingís contract starts in August, the AR timeline is six months off; Chair Smith proposed implementing a review process as follows:start C on July 15; D on August 15; E on September 15; F on October 15; G in late October; H prior to the November Board meeting; I for the November Board meeting; and K at the December Board meeting.


Trustee Leopold appreciated the flexibility of the timeline but wondered if the constituency groups would have time to appoint their representatives over the summer.He suggested that beginning the process after Flex Week would provide faculty and staff the time to appoint their representatives.


Chair Smith responded that it sounded perfectly reasonable to wait for that.


Trustee Leopold suggested that C and D be pushed out to the end of August.


Trustee Reece commented that it seemed that the process should be begun and completed under the same Board chair, which will change in January.


Chair Smith responded that the outcome would not reflect the chairís personal opinion, but be a complete, inclusive process in the spirit of AR 2080.


Trustee Garcia asked if the president would still complete goals and objectives this August for next year with the evaluation underway.


President King responded that it would be helpful to do so.


Trustee Wildman thanked Chair Smith for re-aligning the timing of the evaluation to fit the hiring of President King.


Trustee Garcia asked how the Board could contribute to the modification of the evaluation survey.It was suggested that when the committee is seated, recommendations for questions can be submitted.


Trustee Wildman suggested the use of technology for compiling the responses to the questionnaires.


Debora Bone thanked the Board for their sensitivity to the faculty calendar and waiting until Flex Week for the representatives to be appointed, but she called to the Boardís attention that the AR did not include CCFT representation to the committee and she considered that a significant gap.


Trustee Wildman commented that the Board did not have the authority to change an AR but could not disagree that it seemed to be an oversight.


Trustee Leopold noted that CCFT was included on hiring committees, etc. and as part of the college values, every effort should be made to be inclusive on this effort, also.


Trustee Garcia agreed, asking if there was anything to prevent an item from being agendized in August to change just this part of the AR.


President King responded that the timeline could be brought back along with why the constituent group was left off or its inclusion, if needed.








The regular meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 7:25 pm.





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