Minutes of Special Meeting


August 24, 2009




The special meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Horticulture Center, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Aptos, California on Monday,
August 24, 2009.  Chair Rebecca Garcia opened the meeting in Open Session at 5:00 pm.  Roll was taken; present were Chair Garcia, Trustees Gary Reece, Al Smith, Rachael Spencer, Katy Stonebloom, Susan True, and Claudine Wildman.  Student Trustee Gary Meyer was absent.  Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/Stonebloom) to approve agenda. The motion carried unanimously.


Chair Garcia asked for Public Comments on non-agenda items.






Jo-Ann Panzardi, Chair of the Engineering Department, addressed the Board regarding a group that met informally over the summer, representing CCFT, CCEU, faculty, staff, and retirees, regarding the budget crisis currently facing the college.  The group generated a list of recommendations that will be presented to the Faculty Senate and both unions, as the list includes many negotiated items.  Ms. Panzardi read the list to the Board and distributed hard copies.









Item 1. Governing Board Budget Study Session

Vice President Ard reported that she and Director of Business Services Victoria Lewis attended a Chancellor’s Office Budget Workshop on Friday to review and discuss the latest information from the state.  She gave an overview of the 2009-10 State Budget as it impacts community colleges, noting that Cabrillo’s share is 1% of the community college system.  Vice President Ard emphasized the importance of saving cash to carry the college through while the state defers apportionments.  She reviewed the General Fund ending balance, noting that there may be pressure for reallocation of some of it.  Vice President Ard gave a categorical programs reductions overview, and reviewed the potential for ARRA funds, noting that the expectation is that community colleges should expect less than 50%.  She expressed the hope that Cabrillo would be fine in 2009-10 without the need to draw on the general fund, perhaps with the use of some ARRA funds, and noted that the college is working hard to move forward on the planning for 2010-11.  Vice President Ard noted that there may be another student fee increase which may offset FTES.  She reviewed the 2010-11 and 2011-12 budget planning parameters, the FTES targets for
2009-10, 2010-11, and 2011-12, and stated that there is now a re-energized Strategic Enrollment Management Committee to develop a multi-year plan.


Trustee Stonebloom asked if it was true that a communication was received from the Chancellor to reduce classes.


President King responded yes, it was a direct frontal assault on the mission of the college and a very difficult challenge.


Trustee Wildman commented that the increase in tuition alone will make it impossible for some to attend.


Vice President Ard reviewed and explained the FTES target, noting the FTES reserve of 500 FTES.  She stated that the college was unfunded last year for 1625 FTES and was now being asked to focus on core programs.


Chair Garcia asked if the college was providing programs that are not core.


Vice President Kilmer responded that community colleges offer courses of interest to the community; when the college needed to cut going into this year, the reductions had already taken place there and now had to be taken into the core.  She added that the discussion regarding the cost of students over cap must include the cost to Student Services, e.g., Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, etc.


Vice President Ard stated that this is a huge issue that must be dealt with on a multi-year level.  Course offerings were cut for 2009-10; the college is in discussion regarding wintersession for 2009-10 and still has a projected unfunded FTES of 575.  The potential impacts of fee increases, categorical program reductions, UC and CSU reduced course offerings, and unemployment rates are all issues of concern.


President King stated that the phenomenal success of Enrollment Tracker in projecting enrollment gives a level of confidence. He credited Craig Hayward, Pegi Ard and Renée Kilmer for creating the right questions and answers to develop the plan.


Vice President Ard reviewed the 2010-11 Budget Reduction Criteria, Commitments and Strategies, noting that a subcommittee will review the 2009-10 language and develop recommendations to present to the CPC on September 9th for presentation to the Board as soon as possible.


Chair Garcia asked if there would be more “knowns” by the September Board meeting, when the Final Budget would have to be approved.


Vice President Ard responded probably not.  If necessary, revisions will come to the Board for approval.


Chair Garcia noted that the 2009-10 Budget would be adopted in September.  She asked when more information would be available regarding 2010-11 and beyond.


Vice President Ard responded that the Board Budget Committee would stay involved and it would hopefully be done by December and come to the Board in January.


President King noted that the State’s revenue is very volatile.  He asked for the Board’s thoughts regarding revenue enhancements such as international students or a parcel tax.


Trustee Reece asked how an international students program would fit with classes already full.


Vice President Kilmer responded that a contract with students to provide education could be completed in advance and use their fees to hire teachers, but if they are credit courses, it would need to be the regular courses.


Vice President Bailey-Fougnier added that their fees/income could be planned to add more sections.


Trustee True stated that she would like an analysis of how it might crowd out regular students.  She noted the need for solid data:  cost analysis, staff needs, etc.


Trustee Reece commented regarding the idea for a parcel tax that it should be compared to the planning involved with the bond issues.  It entails polling, etc., which cost approximately $50K, and a year or more to get to the ballot stage.  He was concerned regarding the difficulty and expense of polling while cutting teachers and staff, but strongly urged the collection of scientific support data before attempting a 2/3 vote threshold in these difficult times.  If there was a desire to move forward, he encouraged discussion with the Foundation.  He appreciated the love of the community for Cabrillo but the current property tax bill has many Cabrillo lines on it and people are violently reacting to new taxes all around the state.


Vice President Ard added that a parcel tax has a shelf life of four years and should not be depended upon for operating funds.


Trustee Spencer stated that the Foundation is actively fundraising right now but it is way down due to the economy.  She added that everyone needs to be realistic about fundraising.


Chair Garcia noted that PVUSD recently hired people to see about the feasibility of a parcel tax.  She agreed that property owners already see Cabrillo lines on their property tax bill and believe they are supporting it.


Trustee Reece commented that there is college property behind Horticulture that could be developed or sold; interest might be sought there.


Trustee Wildman expressed her appreciation to the ad hoc group that met over the summer and provided food for thought.  She thanked Vice President Ard and Director Lewis for their work on the budget and the variations on the information and projections.


President King noted that Vice President Ard is viewed around the state as good as anyone there is and Cabrillo is fortunate to have her.








The Special Meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 6:14 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,