Minutes of Special Meeting


August 28, 2007




The special meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Aptos Campus, Cabrillo Community College District, 6500 Soquel Drive, Room 804A, Aptos, California on Tuesday, August 28, 2007.






Chair Rachael Spencer called the Open Session to order at 12:00 pm.  Other board members present were Rebecca Garcia, John Leopold, Gary Reece, and Claudine Wildman.  Trustee Katy Stonebloom arrived at 12:37 pm.  Trustee Al Smith and Student Trustee Jonathan Saad were absent.  Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.








Item 1. Discussion Regarding Vision and Development of College Master Plan for 2008-2011


President King reviewed the previous day’s session, “Imagination and Wisdom, Shaping Cabrillo’s Future“, and introduced the facilitators Peter Gaarn and FireHawk.  Trustee Wildman attended the session and reported that the energy in the room was wonderful and the Horticulture room was filled to capacity with a good mix of faculty, administrators and staff.  The stage was well set by opening talks from key individuals, and the facilitators did a good job and kept people engaged and enthusiastic.


Facilitator Peter Gaarn reviewed the process and outcomes of the August 27th workshop.  The video from the day was shown to the group.


President King explained that the goal for the day was to provide an opportunity for the Board to have early input into the development of the College Master Plan (CMP) as the college community works over the course of the next year to develop the next three-year plan.  While working from the foundation of the last plan, the hope is to develop three to four goals, instead of six, as in the last plan.


Trustee Garcia commented that in the video, she was unsure the participants reflected the diversity of the college community.  She hoped that CHAC would be encouraged to take full responsibility for their part in developing in the CMP.  In terms of process, she asked how this vision planning would guide the master planning process.  She noted that she had specific questions from this year’s CMP extension that were not in the vision work.


Trustee Leopold stated that the change in demographics would necessarily be a big driver in what the college will need to do over the next ten years.  The nature of the county’s growth will necessitate retooling outreach and how and where classes are offered.  Trustee Leopold noted that the visioning hit on some of the issues.


Trustee Wildman pointed out that technology may have been woven into some of the issues but needed to jump out at a higher level.  She also called out underprepared K-12, ESL, sense of community, student and faculty housing, and an alumni association.


Trustee Spencer questioned how to get the two posters together, to lead change and not just have it happen.


Trustee Reece commented that he liked the theme of Cabrillo as a “Destination Resort”.  He did not like the separation of four compartments, separating faculty, staff, etc. into areas, but would rather like to see no self-interests but students as the stakeholders.


Trustee Stonebloom stated that there are change systems within and outside organizations, and the college needs to find those parts of the community that are more difficult to find in statistics, and how to respond to them.  She encouraged broadening the Watsonville Center and developing strong connections there.


Student Ryan Kaplan stated that as determined in Title V, he would like to see facilitated between students and faculty a congress, wherein at each department meeting a student would attend to provide input from a student’s viewpoint and return to report to the Student Senate.  He felt that this would be a more grass roots effort at communication at every level, in addition to having a student representative on every college committee.  Other Student Senate projects for the year include beautifying the campus with a mural project, sustainability, empowering student leaders, the return of the Model UN, and facilitating community in campus life.


There was a lengthy discussion regarding the visioning and master planning process.  The following points were made:


Need to focus on students.

Need to change perception of students; community loves Cabrillo but perception of students may be that Cabrillo is less than the traditional ideal of a four-year “dorm” experience.

Statistics show those students who start at community colleges do better; need to get this statistic out.

Need to build “sense of community” within school.

California will lose many teachers to retirement in next six years; must attract good quality teachers by letting them know this is a good place to work.  Challenges list?

Suggestion to provide more student/public access to athletics facilities to help build a sense of community.

All groups will be involved, staff, administrators, faculty, students, community; committees should be structured that way.

Three goals are realistic; need to identify goals, action; need benchmarks and monitoring system to measure what and how we are doing.


Next steps:


Specific timetable not yet established; will go to CPC with proposal, they will discuss.

Craig Hayward has experience steering master planning process and will lay out clear process.

Board members want to be active participants:

­   Suggestion to establish committees like accreditation process

­   Board members may select committees of interest

­   Committees to establish meeting schedule as far in advance as possible

­   Board members will attend and participate as possible

­   Use technology to fullest extent possible; teleconference; email; post work/updates/minutes on web

Board members can be helpful in making community contacts.

Board can begin discussion at Board Retreat, if there is time.  Need to find opportunities for input.

Board will be regularly updated.

Accreditation site visit in October.  Realistically, not much can begin on CMP until the accreditation process has been completed.  Concern over loss of momentum was expressed.


Director of PRO Dr. Craig Hayward described the CMP process as iterative.  As information is collected from many people and is filtered, major themes will be determined.  In the last plan, there were six goals and strategic directions which he felt may be too many for a three-year window.  He purposed to narrow down to a number that the college could realistically achieve, noting that a common unfounded concern would be that the college would do nothing else but those certain goals.  Dr. Hayward stated that college business would continue as usual with a focus on the major CMP goals.


President King expressed his appreciation for the support of the Governing Board and their desire to actively participate in the development of the 2008-2011 College Master Plan.







FOR 2008-2011





The special meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 1:35 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,