Minutes of Meeting


August 3, 2009




The regular monthly meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Watsonville Center, Cabrillo Community College District, 318 Union Street, Watsonville, California on Monday,
August 3, 2009.  Vice Chair Gary Reece opened the meeting in Open Session at 5:00 pm.  Roll was taken; present were Vice Chair Gary Reece, Al Smith, Katy Stonebloom, Susan True, and Claudine Wildman.  Trustee Rachael Spencer was absent.  Vice Chair Reece asked for Public Comments on Closed Session items.  There were no public comments.  Chair Rebecca Garcia joined the meeting during Closed Session.


Closed Session items were announced and the meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at
5:03 pm. Closed Session was adjourned at 6:05 pm.






Chair Rebecca Garcia called the Open Session to order at 6:08 pm.  Other Board members present were Trustees Gary Reece, Al Smith, Katy Stonebloom, Susan True, Claudine Wildman, and Student Trustee Gary Meyer.  Trustee Rachael Spencer was absent.  Also present were members of the community, college faculty, staff and students.








Chair Garcia stated that in Closed Session, the Board unanimously affirmed the recommended disciplinary action of the following classified employee:  PCN #353024.


Chair Garcia reported that in Closed Session, the Board considered the findings and conclusions of Arbitrator Norman Brand regarding the matter of employee PCN #498502.  The Board unanimously adopted the findings and conclusions and the Board’s decision is effective immediately.







It was moved and seconded (Stonebloom/Reece) to approve the Consent Agenda, including the minutes from the meeting of June 15, 2009.  Trustee Wildman indicated that she would abstain on
Item 3.f. Fast Track to Work and Santa Cruz County Human Services Department Cal Success Partnership, due to a potential conflict with her employment.


The motion carried with the following roll call vote:


Student Trustee Advisory Vote:  Aye


AYES:          Garcia, Reece, Smith, Stonebloom, True, Wildman

NOES:          None

ABSENT:      Spencer

ABSTAIN:      Wildman on Item 3.f.


















Mary Planding, Director of Marketing and Communications, addressed the Board in a farewell statement as she moves across the country to another position.  She reviewed the many steps forward the Marketing and Communications department achieved under her direction and wished the college well.


Cecile Mills asked the Board to consider the research regarding the dangers of exposure to cell tower radiation, particularly to the students in the horticulture area all day.  She urged that precautions be taken.


Marilyn Garrett addressed the Board regarding the health dangers of wifi on campus, stating that she no longer takes classes because she believes health is a priority.  She stated that the Board had been provided the data many times and safer wired connections had been requested.
Ms. Garrett stated that believing the data from wifi companies is like believing the data from tobacco companies; it is important to hear unbiased information.








Rachel Mayo, Dean of Education Centers, provided a presentation regarding the different types of services offered to the community by the Watsonville Center.


Trustee True commented that she appreciates the services, noting that they are extremely important to the First Five program.


Vice President Kilmer stated that Dean Mayo works relentlessly on the partnership with the community and introduces them to higher education.








Board Members’ Reports


Chair Garcia reported on her attendance at a two-day retreat in Washington, DC with the ACCT Board of Directors.  She commented on the Brooks Institute speaker regarding “Access for Success”, noting that Cabrillo can do better and that there is a need to look at what can be done on the national level to support community colleges.  Chair Garcia stated that an overview of the operational level of a board of directors provided at the retreat showed that the Cabrillo College Governing Board follows Roberts Rules of Order quite closely but recent revisions to the rules should be reviewed.  She encouraged each Board member to have a copy of the most recent version of the book.


Trustee Reece commented on his attendance at the President’s Circle event of Cabrillo Stage’s “I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change”.  He stated that it was a delightful evening and that he had heard wonderful things about the other Cabrillo Stage performance of the summer, “Wizard of Oz”.






Student Trustee’s Report


Student Trustee Gary Meyer welcomed Vice President Dennis Bailey-Fougnier, and noted his sadness regarding the departure of Bob Owen and Mary Planding.  He reported that there are seven openings on the Student Senate and asked faculty and staff to encourage students to participate in student government.  Mr. Meyer reported that the Student Senate is working on Welcome Week and the Student Senate Retreat, to which he invited all the trustees for lunch and noted that Chair Garcia is the guest speaker.








Superintendent’s Report


Superintendent/President Brian King welcomed Vice President Dennis Bailey-Fougnier to his first Board meeting and first day on the job, noting that there are welcoming events scheduled to introduce him to the college community.  President King noted that there are also farewell events scheduled for Bob Owen and Mary Planding, as they move on to great opportunities.  He reported that attendance at the Cabrillo Stage events this year has been tremendous and he encouraged anyone who has not seen the shows to get their tickets soon. President King stated that in response to the state raising tuition, the college quickly convened a Fee Payment Policy group which developed a communication plan that has been shared with the media.  A letter is going out to students regarding the retroactive fee increase, notifying them how to pay.









Stephanie Stainback, CCEU President, welcomed Vice President Dennis Bailey-Fougnier, expressing her hope that his stay with Cabrillo would be long and happy.  She acknowledged that no one is looking forward to the next three to four months, noting that Classified are cognizant of maintaining the health of the college and willing to do their share.  She asked the Board to keep in mind that Classified willingly gave up the reclassification process for two years and withdrew their intent to negotiate.  Ms. Stainback stated that she is looking for leadership from the district on reductions; she stated that they should be graduated, e.g., those making the most take the largest reductions, as she has heard other districts are doing.  She noted that if every constituency across the board participates in giving back to the college, it will be a bonding experience instead of a divisive exercise.  Ms. Stainback reiterated her request to not use reductions as an excuse to cherry pick less popular programs or people, but rather to team build. She noted that if a reduction in health benefits is mandated, it should be kept in mind that any increase in co-payments can be impossible for those already not making it financially.
Ms. Stainback encouraged creative problem solving by the Board and administration, noting that the idea of furloughs was not necessarily the best idea for the college.  She asked for consideration of every vacancy, paring down, reorganization, careful reduction of course offerings while not necessarily reducing the number of students or services to students.  She asked for careful consideration of access, for who is getting turned away at the gate.  Ms. Stainback expressed the appreciation of Classified staff to Bob Owen and Mary Planding, noting that their staff considered them excellent managers.







Michael Mangin substituted for Paul Harvell, CCFT President, bringing his regrets and greetings.  He echoed Ms. Stainback’s sense of foreboding and urgency, and her wish for unity and teambuilding.  He stated that CCFT is anxious to support global talk of how Cabrillo can face challenges together, being as creative as possible, giving everything to make the college work.  He commented that students are already being impacted by the fewer sections offered, which are coming out of fewer adjunct units.  Mr. Mangin reported that along with the feeling of foreboding, faculty are excited about teaching, prepping, getting emails from students on waitlists, and getting emails from students waiting to get into UCs and CSUs who cannot get into classes here.  He noted that “creative problem solving” is a great slogan but there will be hard choices to make to meet the $6M in reductions coming down the pike, with fewer contract faculty than at any time in the last eight years.  Mr. Mangin stated that the number of full time contract faculty affects education and students. In terms of money, contracts and negotiations, Cabrillo was at 38th in the state last fall and is now at 54th.  Mr. Mangin stated that the Board should be made aware that this is a faculty concern.





Faculty Senate


Steve Hodges, Faculty Senate President, was absent.







Item 13. Designation of Voting Delegate at the ACCT Convention

Chair Garcia presented the recommendation that the Governing Board designate a trustee as the Cabrillo College voting delegate at the annual ACCT convention, to be held October 7-10, 2009.


President King noted that Diego Navarro will be receiving the ACCT Pacific Region Faculty Award at the conference and will be in competition for the National Award.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/True) to nominate Rebecca Garcia as the designated Cabrillo College voting delegate at the annual ACCT convention, to be held October 7-10, 2009.  The motion carried unanimously (Spencer absent).










Item 14. Recommended Extension to the Contract of the Superintendent/President

Based on the evaluation of the Superintendent/President in closed session, it was recommended that the Superintendent/President’s contract be extended one year (until June 30, 2011) consistent with the terms and conditions of the existing contract.


It was moved and seconded (Reece/Smith) to extend the Superintendent/President’s contract by one year (until June 30, 2011) consistent with the terms and conditions of the existing contract.  The motion carried unanimously (Spencer absent).





Item 15. Faculty Collaborations for Course Transformations in Developmental Mathematics

Chair Garcia presented the recommendation that the Governing Board accept the $13,600 grant funds from the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education and authorize the Vice President, Business Services to execute and make all necessary arrangements in relation to this agreement on behalf of the college.


It was moved and seconded (Stonebloom/True) to accept the $13,600 grant funds from the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education and authorize the Vice President, Business Services to execute and make all necessary arrangements in relation to this agreement on behalf of the college.  The motion carried unanimously (Spencer absent).





Item 16. Lease Agreement: Baskin Center, Building 1700

This item was pulled from the agenda.


Vice President Ard stated that she anticipated bringing this item to the Board in September.









Item 17. 2009-10 Budget Update

A 2009-10 Budget Update was provided for Governing Board information under separate cover.


Jim Funaro, longtime Cabrillo teacher, addressed the Board regarding the fiscal crisis facing the college.  He suggested that reducing services to students violates the mission of the college and that raising funds from the community would be a viable option.  He believed that the community would support the college with donations if they were made aware of the depth of the crisis.


Vice President Ard noted that she heard from both Erik Skinner and Scott Lay that federal stimulus funds may not be available for the categorical programs, but everyone is working very hard to determine the outcome.  She added that she has a budget workshop with the Chancellor’s Office on August 21st; she wished it were before the Board’s scheduled Budget Study Session.


It was agreed to postpone the Board’s Budget Study Session to August 24th, 5:00 pm.


Trustee Stonebloom commented that in looking at Mr. Funaro’s proposal, she did not believe donations would be a sustainable revenue source as a parcel tax would be.


Mr. Funaro responded that he did not know the legal ramifications of a parcel tax; he wished to go directly to the community.


Trustee Stonebloom stated that looking at what it takes to maintain viability and sustain a cash flow, something more like a parcel tax would be needed.  She noted that conversations around something like a parcel tax would be good at a grass roots level in the community.






Item 18. Sunshine Cabrillo Classified Employees Union’s (CCEU) Initial Proposal to the District

The Cabrillo Classified Employees Union has presented to the District their official notice of intent to negotiate.  The proposal was presented to the Governing Board for information.  A Public Hearing will be held at the next Board meeting.





Item 19. Sunshine District’s Initial Proposal to CCEU

The District’s Initial Proposal for negotiations was sunshined at the Governing Board meeting.  A Public Hearing will be held at the next Board meeting.




Item 20. Governing Board Evaluation

A report was provided by Governing Board Chair Garcia regarding the process for the upcoming Governing Board evaluation.


Student Trustee Gary Meyer requested that hard copies of the survey be made available through the Student Senate Office.


Chair Garcia asked how the survey will be made available to the community.


Director of Marketing and Communications Mary Planding responded that she could write a news release; it would be up to the newspapers whether to publish it or not.


Trustee Stonebloom suggested the link be placed on the website.






Item 21. Watsonville Center Annual Report

The Watsonville Center Annual Report was provided for Governing Board information.


Dean Rachel Mayo reported that the numbers for the Watsonville Center were very different from the previous year.  They were much higher, possibly due to the unemployment numbers; the fill rate was 97%.


Trustee Stonebloom commented that the report was very exciting as it related to the impact on the community and what the Center has become.  She shared her concern regarding the students who will come and not get into classes, as the 97% fill rate is frightening in that context.  She asked if there was any mechanism to capture those who come and do not get in to demonstrate in a data base those who will not be represented in classes who should be.


Dean Mayo responded that in terms of services, the college can track who cannot see a counselor and the wait list can be tracked up to fifteen students.  Other than that, something would have to be developed.


Vice President Kilmer added that with the addition of Vice President Bailey-Fougnier, they hope to develop a plan to capture these student numbers.


Trustee Stonebloom stated that she wants to be able to tell the story of the students who are not here for advocacy purposes, to get a sense of what the numbers are, to be able to share the information with those that are making the decisions that affect the college.


Vice President Bailey-Fougnier noted that there will be those students that circle the buildings and never come in, whose numbers cannot be captured.


Trustee Stonebloom acknowledged that and added that it can take one bad experience to lose that student for good.


Trustee Wildman supported Trustee Stonebloom’s comments, noting that it was broader than the Watsonville campus and should be done in its fullest perspective, college wide.


President King stated that the League is taking a state wide approach in terms of students not served. With UCs and CSUs cutting back, those students may navigate the process better; it is difficult to know what the total demand might have been.


Dean Mayo stated that the impact on Student Services has been dramatic, an over 30% increase.


Trustee True asked what tangible steps can be taken to help those students.  She noted that as cuts are considered in the near future, she would love to hear thoughts on that issue, considering that data.


Vice President Bailey-Fougnier stated that the college also needs to deal with returning veterans and DSPS; funding must be found for that community of students.


Chair Garcia expressed her appreciation for the dialog but noted that it was also a celebration of what is happening at the Watsonville Center.







Item 22. Accreditation Annual Report as Submitted to ACCJC

Information regarding the Accreditation Annual Report as submitted to ACCJC was provided to the Governing Board.





Item 23. Matriculation Annual Report

The Matriculation Annual Report was provided for Governing Board information.


Trustee Stonebloom expressed her appreciation for the comprehensive description of matriculation.  She was concerned regarding the vulnerability of the many programs to cutbacks.  She hoped there would be a way to check in with high schools and their counselors.


Dean Regalado stated that her office has been spending approximately $50K per year on the high schools, sending counselors to train their counselors, and that funding is has been cut.  She was considering no longer taking paper and pencil assessment tests out to them but requiring them to send students here for computer testing.  Dean Regalado reported that a minimized Running Start can continue.


Chair Garcia asked what a new minimized plan will look like for Matriculation.  She added that these resources for students are why they succeed.


Dean Regalado responded that Matriculation took one of the largest cuts to categorical programs. All programs will be looking at ways to prevent any duplication of services; they will be working as teams.  She noted that Vice President Ard put out templates regarding different ways of organizing what they are doing.  One of the things Assessment is doing is serving as triage; when students get assessment results, they are immediately directed to the people who can keep them in school.  Matriculation also pays part of the Outreach position, which is also on the state’s cut list.  Dean Regalado noted that everyone has to do more with less money but all are working on it together.







Item 24. Cabrillo Community College District Sustainable Energy Plan

The first reading of the Cabrillo Community College District Sustainable Energy Plan was provided for Governing Board information.


Vice President Ard noted that in 2007, CPC allocated the funds to reduce the college’s carbon footprint.  This plan has been reviewed and accepted by the Climate Committee Task Force, the Facilities Planning and Advisory Committee, the Management Team and the College Planning Council.  The plan is presented to the Board for a first reading and will come back to the Board for action.


Trustee Stonebloom asked if the plan was sustainable in the current climate.


Director of Maintenance and Operations Joe Nugent responded that whatever can be done will be done; like last year, projects were completed that will realize $46K in savings.  Some need an investment to get a payback; funds are available in grants with matching funds.


Trustee Stonebloom asked if the college community was receptive.


Mr. Nugent responded yes; one afternoon was announced as an energy-savings, turn-off-excess-energy, and there was good participation and savings.


Vice President Ard noted that the development of the plan has created an awareness, and the plan helps the college do a little at a time.


Trustee Stonebloom asked if there was a way to integrate the plan into instruction and have student leaders help.


Mr. Nugent responded that MESA had students help with the plan.  The students counted lights, calculated wattage, unplugged some unnecessary lights, etc.  The ITEC center will hugely support that education.



cabrillo COMMUNITY





Item 25. Technology Plan Implementation Update

An update on the implementation of the Technology Plan was provided to the Governing Board for information.


Associate Vice President Bob Owen reported that the emergency alert system, AlertU, is up and running.  The registration is on the website homepage.  He expected the sign up numbers to increase dramatically in the fall. The document imaging project continues to make progress and the textbook exchange/housing board is active.  Associate Vice President Owen addressed the Board regarding his years of work on the campus, his quality, caring staff, and the improvements to the technology infrastructure that took place under his watch.  He thanked the Board for their commitment to supporting technology and delivering the best for students, and noted that it had been an honor to have been part of Cabrillo.





Item 26. Facilities Master Plan Project Status

The monthly status report regarding current Facilities Master Plan projects was provided to the Governing Board for information.





Item 27. Financial Reports

Financial reports through May 31, 2009, were presented to the Governing Board for information.




Item 28. Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar

The Cabrillo College Monthly Calendar for August 2009 was presented to the Governing Board for information.





Item 29. Agenda for Next or Future Board Meetings

The following items were requested for information, action or presentations:

• Capturing data for students that do not make it onto wait lists

• Impact of SLOs






The open session of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 7:54 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,