Minutes of Special Meeting


September 27, 2008




The special meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was held at the Aptos Chamber of Commerce Museum Meeting Room, 7605-B Old Dominion Court, Aptos, California on Saturday, September 27, 2008.  Chair Claudine Wildman opened the meeting in Open Session at 8:00 am.  Roll was taken; present were Chair Claudine Wildman and Trustees Rebecca Garcia, Gary Reece, Al Smith, Rachael Spencer, and Katy Stonebloom.  Trustee John Leopold was absent.  Also present were facilitator Cindra Smith from the Community College League of California and Cabrillo College President Brian King.  The agenda was adopted and Chair Wildman asked for Public Comments on non-agenda items.  There were no public comments.






Item 1. Board Roles and Responsibilities, and Enhancing Board Effectiveness


Ground Rules for Discussion

The board identified “ground rules” for the meeting to ensure that it was positive and productive.


·          Take turns talking

·          Foster and recognize positive intent

·          Equal time

·          Stay on topic

·          Have fun


Effective and Productive Board Meetings

Discussion affirmed the following effective current practices or intentions implemented after the retreat last year. Feedback was based in part on the input from the recent Board self-evaluation:


·          Length of board meetings is one – three hours

·          Starting the public session on time, even if need to reconvene in closed session later

·          Trustees call the CEO with questions prior to the board meeting

·          Self-discipline for succinct board member reports is practiced

·          Public comments are at the beginning, with a three minute limit

·          Careful evaluation of the number of items on an agenda to ensure adequate time for discussion, and that the items address key strategic priorities of the board

·          Consensus was to continue to explore having study sessions as part of shorter board meetings or as a second meeting in some months. The need for these would be identified by board members and determined by the board chair and CEO on an as needed basis.  The special sessions in the past year involving the College Master Plan and the budget were very helpful.


Board Role in Master Planning


The board reiterated its support for all goals and objectives in the Cabrillo Master Plan and acknowledges and commends the college’s approach to implementing the plan. The board discussed its threefold role:


·          Define policy parameters or principles for the planning process

·          Contribute to mission, vision, and the “end” goals of the college

·          Monitor planning and implementation


Because the Board approved the College Master Plan at the June 2008 Board meeting, the discussion focused on monitoring planning and implementation. The board agreed its goals should flow from the College Master Plan, and discussed possible areas of emphasis for board goals based on the CMP.  Board Chair Claudine Wildman will prepare a draft of the board goals as an Information Item for the November 3rd Board Meeting.


Board Role in Collaborations with Other Entities


The Board discussed its role in monitoring other entities that may collaborate with the College and ensuring than any formal agreements with other entities or organizations are consistent with Cabrillo’s mission and purpose. The Board recommended that the review and updating of Board policies possibly include a more specific policy with respect to formal agreements with outside entities.


Evaluation and Closing Thoughts


Positive comments about the retreat include:

·          The discussion reflects the nimbleness of the board and the willingness to lead

·          Trustees work together well, and listen to each other

·          The retreat resulted in specific outcomes and tasks

·          Trustees made time to do this and committed to the time

·          Opportunity to discuss our dreams for the college

·          Open discussion, focused on policy roles

·          We were able to identify issues prior to the retreat for discussion

·          Discussion of the monitoring role



·          Continue holding the retreat on an annual basis

·          Ensure we follow up on strengthening a systematic monitoring role










The special meeting of the Cabrillo College Governing Board was adjourned at 12:00 pm.





                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,