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Food and Bake Request



Student Activities Forms


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If you need to make an Agenda Request for the ICC, Click Here.

Event Request Form

This form must be completed for all student activities.  Please take the time to read the form before completing it.  You can submit the completed for in person at the SAC East, Attention Charlotte Achen, ICC Advisor, or email the completed form to

Banner Request Form (For Pedestrian Bridge and 900 Bldg)

This form must be submitted at least a week in advance for approval and is on a first-come, first serve basis. Only Vinyl Banners are permitted on the Pedestrian Bridge (This does not apply to the 900 bldg).

If you are needing to post a banner to the side of the Library, contact Georg Romero at 831-479-5771.

For any questions please contact Ms. Kim Flock at (83) 479-6571

Purchase Requisition Form

This form is needed for any purchasing or reimbursement requests. If you are a part of a club, your club's treasurer will be the one to fill this out and know your clubs account number. You will also need to attach the club (or ICC) minutes where the item was approved along with any reciepts, quotes, etc.

When you complete a purchase requisition, you should save a copy to your computer and will need to print it out to have your club's president (or treasurer) sign the form, then your club's advisor, and finally it should be submitted to the I.C.C. advisor for their signature.

Note: A purchase requisition cannot be processed without the proper signatures, minutes, and reciepts/quote, etc.

Once it is submitted to the ICC advisor, if there are no issues, it will be processed within a week to two weeks time, depending on what is being submitted.

If you have any questions, please contact the ICC Advisor, Charlotte Achen at

Food and Bake Sale Request Form

The Food and Bake Sale Request Form must be submitted and approved for all bake giveaways or sales.  The Cafeteria's Food Service must approve this request if the food event is scheduled to take place during their operational hours. This restriction only applies at the Aptos campus.  Requests are approved on a first-come-first-served basis.  Availability varies.

Foodware Request Form

To request items such plates, napkins, utensils, etc., this form must be turned in to the Student Activities Coordinator one week prior to the event occurring for you to receive your materials. These materials will NOT be provided if turned in less than a week prior to event.

Incentive Form

The Incentive Form must be completed at the end of each semester.  Each student organization can earn up to $600 per semester by completing this form and listing events as directed.  Events listed on the Incentive Form are verified.  Food sales to not qualify as events.

Request for Funding Form (RFF)

The RFF must be completed prior to requesting funds from the Inter-Club Council (ICC) or Student Senate.  Once this form has been completed and verified, please request an Agenda Action Item for the approval of funds.  Your request must be submitted to the ICC Chair or the Senate Chair (check club and senate websites for contact information and meeting times).

If you need assistance filling out your RFF, click here for a guide.


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