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Senator-at-Large Candidate

Carter Frost


Hello my name is Carter Frost I’m running for Senator-at-Large position in the student senate.
I was born and raised in Felton, CA, went to Jr High and High school in Santa Cruz.
Previously held positions in student council in high school, Jr high and holding a position on both the PTA and the school Board at 2 private schools. I will use my knowledge to strengthen the senate and be more efficient at utilizing the resources of the senate to better benefit the students. I have been helping the student senate for the past 2 semesters.
My hobbies include computers, playing the ocarina, spinning fire poi, music, card games, and PC video games.
I am very passionate about volunteering services, I have for the past 5 years been involved in
Second harvest Food Bank, over the past few years volunteered over 700 hours to YMUW and am involved with many nonprofits, I just lead a team in a fund raiser this last month for Walnut Womens Avenue Center.
I’m an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and am currently an adult leader becoming a merit badge counselor.
I find Cabrillo college to be a unique learning experience that allows high level education to be taught in a smaller classroom size therefore allowing the students to have more 1 on 1 communication with the teacher and better succeed. I completely support this and will do everything in my power as a student and as a senator to keep these programs alive.
Thank you for reading this far and have a great day.

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