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President Candidate

Charlotte Achen





                For this coming year, many changes are going to be happening across our campus. With the increase in registration fees, reduction of services, and $5.2 million in cuts, this will be one of the toughest years in Cabrillo’s 53-year history.

            I believe it is imperative to have an experienced Student Body President to lead and represent the students’ through this time of immense change.

            I can proudly state that I have accomplished, in this current academic year (2011-12), all of the goals that I promised during last year’s campaign. If re-elected, I guarantee that I will meet and exceed my goals for the coming year.

From the start of my term, I have:

  • Actively represented my constituents during decision-making meetings that are         re-shaping Cabrillo.
    • Starting summer 2011 and throughout my term, I have been the students’ voice during administrative meetings and told them of the impact their decisions will have on the students.


  • Kept the Student Senate on track with my unprecedented leadership.
    • My strong work ethic and passion for the students has ensured the Student Senate is at the top of their game when representing our constituents.
  • Gone above and beyond my duties as President to see that the student’s needs and concerns are being met.


For the coming year, I will ensure that:

  • Students will continue to be informed on how the budget cuts will affect their education.
    • As the Editor-In-Chief of the Student E-Newsletter, I will keep the students informed of the changes that will be happening at Cabrillo.


  • I will continue to sit on the reduction meetings that are impacting every student.
    • These meeting are absolutely critical for the students’ perspective to be heard. If we are not there communicating our concerns to the administration on the impact it will have on us, how will they ever find out?
  • Next year’s senate will continue to have the leadership opportunities and resources to be informed and meet the increasing needs of the students.


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