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Treasurer Candidate

Darwin Constantino


I, Darwin Constantino, am  honored to declare my candidacy for Student Body Treasurer.  I have served on the ASCC Student Senate for  more than a year and that time has been a wonderful learning experience.  The Senate has taught me skills of leadership and initiative and has given me a clear understanding of how the school works and how it plays a vital role in a students’ success.  When placed in an active role of advocating for students, I truly believe you are transformed into a strong, well-balanced person.  At  the beginning of my college career, I was shy and timid. I worked hard academically, but lacked participation and interest.  The Student Senate has given me the opportunity to serve the students and be the voice of the Cabrillo Student Body.

In my pursuit as Student Body Treasurer, I’ve done my research and fully understand what the position entails.  The Treasurer is responsible for knowing all aspects of the Senate budget, maintaining all financial records during the fiscal year, and ensuring the balance of the $237,00 operating budget As an engineering major and a volunteer math tutor, and having  successfully completed all the math classes at Cabrillo, I  have  developed a  deep understanding of  facts and figures.  The treasurer position takes a great deal of organization and precision to manage all these numbers, and I have the skills to fulfill those requirements.  Having worked with the current Treasurer and this year’s budget, I know I am competent and able to handle not only the pressures and demands of the job, but also the math and accounting.

Being a part of the Student Senate has given me the chance to make a positive difference in the college community and as Student Body Treasurer, I plan to continue my work in making this school a great college experience. 



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