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President Candidate

Ivan Sumano-Vargas





            As a current Student Senator, I am excited to announce my candidacy for President. Currently I am serving as the Inter-Club Council Chair. Previously I had served as a Student Senator-at-Large. Through my years in Cabrillo’s Student Senate and my activities in clubs, I feel I have developed the necessary leadership skills required for President.

            I have been apart of Student Government since I was in high school. I was Senior Treasurer in high school. I enjoyed being apart of the school spirit, coordinating the rallies, spirit weeks, formal, blood drives, and prom. Once I graduated from high school I wanted to continue staying active by being a part of Cabrillo’s community.

            So not only have I served on the Student Senate for about 2 years, I have also been an active student amongst the clubs and organizations on campus. I began my school activities by joining the Games and Media Enthusiasts Society. I wanted to help out the club, so I volunteered to become their Newsletter Editor. From their I gained some recognition and was voted as their Treasurer for the following semester.

            At the same time as I was becoming active in G.A.M.E.S. I found out about Alpha Gamma Sigma, the honor society on campus. Considering I was already doing volunteer work with the Santa Cruz SPCA I joined their club and by the end of the semester I was awarded with the Pete Wang’s Most Active First Semester Award. As a new member I completed the most hours than any other new member. The following semester the Executive Board of AGS asked me to run for their Inter-Club Council Representative. I ran for the position and I was voted in. By the end of my first year of AGS I was awarded the Bronze Presidential Award for completing at least 100 hours of community service. Currently I serve as their Blood Drive chair and will continue to coordinate the Red Cross blood drives for the following year.

            I was also a member of Leading Out, the LGBT club on campus, and aided them in putting on the first ever prom on Cabrillo’s Campus. This prom was open to all different sexualities. There was no discrimination against anyone. I was also a part of the founding of The Society of Leadership and Success, where I aided them as their Treasurer. I also completed their requirements to become inducted into their Society.

            As the current Inter-Club Council Chair I have managed over 20 different clubs. I brought efficiency, order, and fiscal responsibility to the ICC. I have helped support many different issues the clubs have faced or brought forth. Such as bringing more sustainable or more varied catering options. As well as bringing attention to College Bank procedure.

            Overall, I have served the students of Cabrillo through fun club activities and serious Student Senate discussions. Through all of these achievements I feel I have gained enough experience to become the next Student President.

            My education plans are to major in Political Science with a strong background in the C++ and Java programming languages. I plan to transfer to UC Berkeley or to UC San Diego. My future plans are to continue studying law and eventually focus on international relations. My dream career would be to work with governments of the world as a diplomat or through the UN.


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